Blend S TV Fanservice Review Episode 8 and 9


Don’t be fooled by appearance as some girls is not a real girl…

Episode 8:

In this episode, the last ‘girl’ Hideri Kanzaki made her debut!! (^o^) Everyone in the cafe likes her, without knowing that she’s not a girl.

She plays an idol character in the cafe and she’s very popular with the customers there. She wears Maika’s uniform at first because she doesn’t have her own.

Besides being popular in the cafe, she’s also quite popular on social media. She posts lots of pictures of herself wearing different outfits. XD

Wonder how will people think of her when they know that there’s a bulge inside the skirt ~ (^w^)

Well, no matter how good looking they are, don’t be fooled by their appearance~ Because you’ll never know what’s inside their skirt (-_^)

Episode 9:

The episode starts with some throwback from their trip to the beach!!

Kaho’s boobs seems to be missing here. Where did they went?!  (ToT)

Maika arrives to work with a dog~ (^w^) She hopes that someone can help to take care of it.

Whenever there’s a request from Maika, the manager can never say No. (^^) He agrees to let the dog to stay at his place. Eventually, the manager was tired looking after the dog. So, Maika made him some cookies to cheer him up.

The manager was so happy to receive cookies from Maika and Maika decided to make more cookies for the manager too.

Maika’s elder sister decided to visit the place where Maika is working too. Wow, that’s a big grand entrance from her.

Maika recommended her to order a cake that she made together with the manager. Soon, her elder sister started having a fantasy of a wedding cake. XD

At the same time, the staff there also noticed that Maika has different eyes with her siblings. They suspected that Maika was adopted, in which made Maika fall into depression.

The manager immediately came to cheer Maika up. But Maika’s elder sister misunderstood the situation, thinking that he made Maika cry and threatens him with a spear.

After Maika’s explanation, she apologized for jumping into conclusions. As the elder sister returns home, Maika’s elder brother was hiding in a corner crying because he wasn’t invited to the cafe.

Later, the staff notices that the manager gained weight, because he ate too much pastries from Maika. In oder to slim down, he was forced to walk the dog!! XD

Lastly, thanks for reading everyone (^o^)/ Stay tune for the next fanservice review for Blend S!!