The Seven Heavenly Virtues fanservice review episode 4


When your waifu distracts you from studying.


This week’s episode is Sandalphon the angel of Diligence and also includes the first cameo from a 7sins character.


Sandalphon is on the main 7virtues website which allows for her to talk to the 7sins. Probably a reference to the confession section on the site which has short conversations between the characters. She asks Belphegor on advice on what to do to help the guy she wants to train to be the Messiah since she needs him to focus on his studying first and not get distracted. Belphegor gives her instructions on something to make which should help and is obviously a technologically advanced vr onahole or something for the purpose of making sure he wouldn’t have to waste valuable study time with fapping.

This is the first time we get to see one of the 7sins characters appear which hopefully means more cameos from them are not out of the question. It also makes sense for Belphegor to be the cameo in this episode not just for being best girl in 7sins but because since she is the sin of Sloth and Sloth is the sin that corresponds to the virtue of Diligence.

Sandalphon tells the guy that he has been selected to be the Messiah but first she must make sure he passes his exams and after he does then they can finally begin his Messiah training. She also tells him that she will try to create inventions to make studying easier for him in the meantime. Meanwhile he keeps getting distracted watching her.

Sandalphon makes dinner for him while he is studying and gets back to work on her other invention that Belphegor has advised her to make. When she is sleeping he continues to get distracted by her as he realizes he has somehow gotten himself an angel waifu that makes dinner for him.

Sandalphon makes him help her with some some errands and they spend some time together before the day of his exam.

Creating a stitch of this scene was a massive pain because of how many things were going on at once. These were the best 2 I could manage with little to no errors in them.

That night Sandalphon shows him the other invention she had been working on that Belphegor told her to make earlier. It messes up and works on her instead causing him to be even more distracted. Later she makes dinner for him again dressed in only an apron leading to even more distractions.

The next day he returns home having passed his exams despite all the distractions he had from Sandalphon. She is happy and tells him it is time to start their training and they will be working together even more now. So unlike the previous episode in which doing great in life results in the angel leaving the opposite happens here instead. So according to this episode get good grades in school and you too can get an angel waifu.


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This episode gave us a Belphegor cameo and showed us that they aren’t fighting each other (or at least Sandalphon and Belphegor aren’t) and this leaves the door open for future cameos since we now know that isn’t beyond the realm of possibility after this episode. Considering there are 10 episodes and with 7 girls each getting a focus that leaves 3 episodes left to be a mystery so maybe this means they will use those to give us more interactions with the Sins. In terms of service the series so far seems to have had the theme for most of the episodes be a large focus on ass service. With the exception of the first episode the other 3 have all featured girls with mostly exposed butts.

Will this continue on for the remaining episodes making this a series for ass fans or will it switch to breasts next? Considering we have two breasts type characters left out of the remaining 3 maybe that means things will start to go in that direction next. The theory I had about the order being the same as the order shown in the very first pv still seems to hold up since this episode was Sandalphon like the order indicated it would be. So assuming that is indeed the case then the next episode should in theory be Metatron which as we saw in the 2nd pv gives a breast rub on the guy’s body. So the next episode might end up being the best for service so far if she is indeed next. Hopefully subs won’t get delayed again like they did this week because they didn’t show up till this morning and I don’t want to do these posts without them since the subs do add to the angel’s personalities and likability.

Wish they would had let us see what the guy was seeing when he had the vr onahole hooked up to him. Was obviously porn so they could had started the episode up showing it with him getting fucked by something in the vr simulation which would had been a hilarious way to open an episode. Opening with outright fucking would had garnered some funny reactions from people watching wondering what is going on till it is revealed to just be a vr simulation. Since Belphegor told Sandalphon how to create it then the vr could had involved the 7sins characters. How great would that had been to have the episode open with each of the characters from 7sins getting fucked by some faceless guy only to then show it was all just a vr program strapped to his head.