Imouto sae Ireba Ii TV Fanservice Review Episode 5:

Imouto fanservice work must be done…

Hi everyone (^o^)/ , this episode is about how Ituski complete his imouto fantasy novel!! It’s understood that fanservice is important, but work needs to be done too~

The episode starts with Itsuki on the run from his editor… but he was seen by Miyako.

But eventually, his editor still managed to find him. XD

Itsuki tries to escape again. This time he met one of his friend, Setsuna an illustrator for his novels. He invites Itsuki to go on a hot spring with him.

His friend got some nice abs. But this is what we will be seeing in the hot spring. Warning: Viewers Discretion Advised!!

The place is full of old ladies. But it’s frightening for Itsuki and it was even more when they came out of the waters to have Itsuki join them. XD

This really reminds me the scenario from Attack of Titans!! Now lets enjoy the bath scene of Nayuta.  (^^)

I wish she was at the hot spring too, it’s very much more eye pleasing with her. XD Finally, Itsuki is left alone.

Eventually, the editor still manage to find him and lock him up in a dark room until he finished his work.

His friend Haruto came to visit him and he brought something for Itsuki. It was a lunchbox prepared by his “brother” Chihiro and so gifts from his fans. Besides that, there’s also a picture of Miyako and Nayuta. (^^)

After eating the meal prepared by Chihiro, Itsuki is  now filled with imouto power and is motivated to finish up his work!!

At last, he finished his work on time!! A few days later, his novel was published together with his friend, Haruto’s novel.

In the end, Haruto’s novel was more popular compared to Itsuki’s new masterpiece. The episode ends with Miyako reading Itsuki’s novel too.

In overall, although there’s a bath scene from Nayuta,  the fanservice for this episode is low when compared to the previous ones.

Thanks for reading the fanservice review for this episode and stay tuned for the next one!! Fanservice from Chihiro will be next ~ (^^)v