Tadashikunai Renai no Susume Manga Fanservice Compilation

Only Japan would manufacture a manga about a voluptuous woman who’s solely interested in hooking up with virgin men…

and then dumping them afterwards.

Some nerdy-looking guy just so happens to literally bump into this chick. She reveals that once he’s no longer a virgin, she’ll leave him. Of course, the MC ain’t having that so the rest of the manga involves all kinds of shenanigans.

Although the manga is only 7 chapters, there are around 4 or 5 sex/explicit scenes, leaving lots of pages covered with detailed T and A. I wouldn’t say the art’s the greatest (faces can be a tad weird) but I’m sure some people will enjoy this. At least they bothered to add a last minute sex scene with the flatter girl.

Please note that this is my first shot at a manga compilation, so I’d appreciate if anyone would like me to do something differently the next time I do another comp.

Tadashikunai Renai no Susume (7 Chapters, complete)


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