Youjitsu (Classroom of the Elite) TV Fanservice Review Episode 2

Even elite oppai need to relieve stress in the pool once in a while….

Thanks again to ScissorMeTimbers for making and sharing media for this episode.

It sure was a bad day in the class after knowing that they won’t be getting any points for that month. (ToT)

But meh, who cares? Life is good with all those elite oppai in the class!! (^^)v

The whole class went to the pool to enjoy themselves. Keep calm and enjoy the fanservice!!

Whose boobs is the largest? We won’t know until we see them in swimsuits i think. XD

The male mc was approached by the arrogant girl again. She has nice curves…. but still loses out when it comes to boobies. XD

But her size is not the smallest in class either (^_-)

In the middle of their conversation, Kikyou invites them to swim together.

Too bad the arrogant girl Suzune rejected the offer and left. The next day, Suzune invites the male mc for lunch. She ask the male mc for help to form a study group so that nobody drops out of the class.

So, the male mc ask Kikyou for help since she’s the most popular person in class. And yeah, no one can say no to her boobs too. XD

However, the plan did not work well as some of them did not get along with each other.

That night later, the male mc saw the arrogant girl, Suzune again. This time, she was with her brother, the president of student council!!

The student council president is such an asshole !! How could you treat your sister like this?!! The male mc came out and confronted him~

Fortunately, the mc managed to make the student council president leave his sister alone.

In overall, i would say this school is really full of shows off, arrogant kids and also lots of elite oppai. That’s what it makes this school life interesting. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next fanservice review. (^^)v

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