Tejina-senpai: Fanservice Review Episode 2

What magic will she show us today?

Going by logic, I’d say the magic of boobs and pantsu (in my book those are legit magic, fight me).


Today Assistant-kun is again tasked to deal with the relentless assault of Tejina-senpai, that midlessly tries to show him some magic tricks and fails miserably (often showing something better). In the meanwhile he tries to keep his mind in the right place, and not in the gutter.

(You can bet on it)


But if you thought he was sentenced to deal with her only at school, that’s not the case since fate makes him keep running into Senpai even in his day off (luckily since she would have ended up in a really bad situation if someone had found her like this in front of kids… or if no one had found her at all).

(Something outrageous is going on behind them… also you can see these kids are rotten to the core by the fact he and his game-skill are more popular with kids than Senpai)



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are courtesy of Kay

Overall thoughts: I personally love how airhead Senpai is.