Super Sonico BD Fanservice Review: Episode 11

Super Sonico as Santa-Baby!! Is she too hot for Santa? XD

With Christmas coming around the corner, the Musatani Shopping Center finds themselves up against a giant department store that was around recently which snatched most of their customers away. Suzu, who is tasked to help with attracting younger customers to the shopping center, has Sonico, Fuuri, and some other girls to act as Santa girls to appeal to customers and increase sales.

However, things doesn’t worked out as they had planned. Despite all their efforts,  the newly built shopping is capable of employing some popular idols to attract customers. Hence,  the Musatani Shopping Center still looked desolated on the next day.

After another meeting, Suzu comes up with an idea to have someone as Santa Claus to appeal parents and children during the Christmas Eve event.

While Sonico was on her way back from promoting the Christmas Eve event, she encounters a little girl named Ayaka who was upset that her dad will not be able to come home in time during Christmas. XD

On the Christmas Eve day, Sonico brings Ayaka to meet Santa Claus where she picked him up at the airport. The Santa Claus appears to be Ayaka’s father and she was overjoyed about it as it was the present she wanted the most. (^_^)

The episode ends with a heart warming father and daughter reunion. Nothing bad about it I guess but it still feels inadequate in terms of fanservice. XD Anyway, thanks for reading everyone as this is all for the fanservice review of Super Sonico. We hoped that you’re still enjoying the fanservice in Super Sonico and stay tuned for the last episode of fanservice review of Super Sonico up next!! (^_^)v