Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou fanservice review episode 1


Walking through fire and flames to get pussy.


The next r18 show of the season has started though this time it’s another one for women. I said awhile back I wasn’t going to do posts on the josei ones anymore unless I knew they had something special about them making them different from the previous ones. I’m not confident that what I hope will happen actually will but I didn’t want to skip it and then find out what I hoped for did occur. Plus it’s not like we have any other uncensored nude show so far for the season so might as well do this. One difference though is that I’m not using subs and thus have no idea what is going on in this. Waiting for subs for these shows was always a pain and they were inconsistent on being released and resulted in these posts being delayed sometimes. Also I don’t really care about the story in these female aimed ones anyway so no loss there. So all I can do is just take guess based on what we are seeing and the overall plot setup.

The main girl Ryo is out drinking with friends including her childhood friend Soma. We also get to see the other girls and guys shown off that are in thee show and this is the most interesting part. What I really want to know is will they get scenes. I’ll go in more details about this at the end but I’m really hoping they do especially the brown hair girl in the sweater.


Later that night Ryo wakes up and discovers her apartment is on fire. In her drunken state she then proceeds to beat the ever living shit out of her bookcase with a broom having accused the bookcase of starting the fire.

Eventually the fire department arrives and Soma is the one sent in to rescue her (or maybe arrest her for domestic violence against that bookcase). He grabs her and escapes carrying her after he gets injured in the process as well while shielding her.

Based on the reactions I’m guessing Ryo realizes now that since her apartment was on fire she has nowhere to stay till it gets repaired and Soma invites her to stay with him instead.

I have no idea what is happening here so I’m just going to guess his drawers told him to avenge their fallen bookcase brethren after she beat it to death the night before.

 Why do porn makers think we want to see man ass. Sure this is made for girls but even in male aimed porn we see ass more than we should. Male ass should become invisible in porn.

At first I thought we would actually get to sex in the first episode but no he doesn’t actually put it in yet. After finishing up the episode ends.



WebM Album.



The runtime for this episode was around 5 minutes and 12 seconds so there was a decent amount of extra content in the r18 version. Though like some of the previous ones they have an ED that is a full length one for another minute and a half instead of the usual 30 second ED like others did which will give you the wrong impression at first when you see the full runtime is almost 7 minute but it’s only really around 5 minutes.

As for what to expect in this I have no idea due to not having access to the manga. I have looked through some sample images and such but without actual uploads can’t really get an idea on what’s next. I didn’t see any content involving the other characters though which is what has me confused. The main site and even the promotional material for this doesn’t just focus on the male and female lead like others do. The visual for this actually focuses on the three male characters instead which is odd. We also have four different female characters listed on the main site also. So here is the important question and that is will we see content with these others? Since there are three guys will we get focus on all three of them with a different woman each maybe? I didn’t see that in the few bits of the manga I could find but I also didn’t see much of these other characters either. So are they doing something anime original with this and giving these characters screentime they don’t get in the source?

All the characters in this have different voice actors for the r18 version vs the all ages version but that doesn’t really mean much like you would think since I checked some of the previous shows that also did a different cast depending on the version and sure enough all the characters had different voices depending on the version regardless of the fact that said characters got no r18 material in it so we can’t really rely on that as a clue. Its confusing since are these others just going to be background characters with nothing like some of the other characters in previous shows or will they actually have content? They were putting them too front and center to be background npcs but at the same time we saw with araiya last season that despite mei being on the visual she got very little so will that also apply here? Way too many unknowns about how this show will go about things but that is why I decided to cover it instead of ignoring it like I planned to do with most other joseis. If they actually do give us different couples and content for different girls that will be really interesting and would instantly give this show a big advantage over most of the others. This is only going to be 8 episodes though just like araiya was so not a lot of room to do that but I guess at least we will be in for surprises if they do.

If they give the brown hair 27 year old office woman a scene this will instantly become one of the best r18 hows. Better yet the one guy seems to have her and the other girl both near him. Can you imagine if we actually get a show that is meant for girls and yet it gives us a threesome in it. Not really confident this will turn out the way I want but can always hope it does.