Tejina-senpai: Fanservice Review Episode 3

Gentlemen, eyes up there!

I’m joking… like anyone will ever manage to actually be taken by the magic tricks of Tejina-senpai, when she got qualities much more… sizable.

Anyway, this time around we discover Tejina got a big sister (flat-chest) that works as teacher in her same school, and is a friendly troll with a penchant for boob-groping. To each its own, I suppose…


After that we still get to see some of the Senpai misadventures, like when she tries to best Assistan-kun with a magic-trick only for him to discover she isn’t even good at neatly buttoning her own clothes. Or when they try to get rid of her stage fright, with questionable outcomes. Or when she tries some japanese stage tricks, ending in a real train wreck. Or even when she tries to force some park’s pigeons to do her bidding and discovers she bit off much more than she can chew (never mess with pigeons, NEVER).

Or a lot stranger things which we will probably see in future episodes.

(I’m uncertain if her boobs are just not sensitive enough or she wears a bra of titanium.) (Her eternal optimism amazes me episode after episode.) (Being fair, here I was expecting a joke about how it’s considered normal to not wear underwear under a kimono, but you can’t have it all, I guess…) (Whatever you may think this is NOT what you’re thinking now, OK?)



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Overall thoughts: We’re rapidly advancing toward the area of fanservice that I like. Keep going!