Super Sonico BD Fanservice Review: Episode 12 (FINAL)

A good start of the concert heads to a positive ending!! (^^)/

Sonico’s band, First Astronomical Velocity is holding a concert in the New Year’s Eve. In there, Sonico thanks everyone for their help and support for putting up the concert together despite all the financial difficulties they’re having and even streaming their concert in the Internet.

Although the concert gets off to a good start, the strings on Sonico’s guitar break midway through the performance. However, her grandmother, Leila, manages to save the day by taking over the stage with her own guitar, buying time for Sonico to replace the strings. She may be old, but she was once a beautiful lady back in the days. XD

After that, Sonico embraces the new year together with all her friends, supporters and all the people she met during the “entire episode”.

And now, let’s proceed with the ratings!! (^^)/

Ratings (On a scale of 10 to 0)

Opening/ Ending : 10 The opening song was really catchy and was one of the best opening songs of the season (In my opinion)!! (^_^) Without a doubt, it was their ending theme that made it really great with different theme songs and different fanservice in each episode!! The Thriller based ending theme was really creative and is where I really enjoyed is the most!!

Character Development: 7 The anime basically tells the story about Sonico, an 18 year old college student that works as a model, a waitress at her grandmother’s restaurant and the vocalist and guitarist of the band called First Astronomical Velocity which consist her 2 best friends. No doubt the producers did a very good presentation of her role in the anime, but they somehow failed to consider of what is our expectations of watching this anime which is for the fanservice from Super Sonico. While there can be a story of her in the anime, but if it wasn’t utilized for more opportunity for fanservice which is a main attraction for the audience to watch this anime, then it would be disappointing for the audience who came to watch this anime bacause of the impression and expectations we have.

Slice of Life: 7 While this anime tells a slice of life story about Sonico, her band mates , her modelling career, her grandmother, her vacation and also her pussy cats, but if it wasn’t for the purpose for more fanservice, it is a big question-mark “?” I can only say this because we’re generally here for the fanservice but we don’t get enough of what we want. XD It is like for instance we enter a Japanese restaurant, but the main food there is hamburger and steak instead of sushi. It would be questionable on why is that a Japanese restaurant at the first place.  XD  Maybe it could be some kind of creativity in it, but if it wasn’t used in the right place and right people, it is basically stupidity. The show ultimately went downhill after the vacation episode where fanservice had decreased significantly in terms of quality and quantity. It was a sharp comparison during the initial 1st to 6th episode and the 7th to this episode. 

Illustration: 10 Despite a significant decrease of fanservice at the latter stage, the illustration art was still good especially for the fanservice part and also in the ending theme. So, if we see what we wanted to see and are happy with what we see, all i can say is it was a good job. (^^)b

Fanservice: 8 The show basically already had a pretty good foundation of fanservice as Sonico herself already represents a big signboard of “FANSERVICE” when we see it but the producers didn’t make good use of the opportunity to deliver for more. Overall, it was still good but also disappointing as we couldn’t get enough of it. XD

Overall: 8.4 All in all, the show wasn’t really that great but still recommendable if we’re here for the fanservice. Last but not least, here’s a video compilation from me that “summarizes” the fanservice part of the anime and uploaded by wizardofecchi. (^^) It wasn’t much but at least there’s something. XD

Thanks for reading everyone!! We hope you’re having a great day and please stay tuned for more fanservice review to come!! (^^)v