Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka fanservice review episode 2


Melting a mother’s clothes in hopes for some nudity.


While the previous episode had little service this one is the opposite. Not only are there a number of panty shots but we get plenty of lightbeams as well which hopefully will end up resulting in nudity on BD. Not only that it looks like the next episode after this one will be a bath episode. So we may have encountered the first show for summer season that may have a chance for nudity on BD later on.


Starting from the previous episode they begin to interview the party members that Masato selected to join their group. Mamako finds issues with all three of them rejecting them as potential members. Afterwards they start to interview others and the first is Porter (subs call her porter but the official name is Porta so for the time being will go with the subs) whom is a merchant class that allows them to get discounts at shops as well as a bag that can hold a large inventory space. She tells them she doesn’t have combat abilities but can craft items instead. They both decide that she will be useful even without fighting abilities and accept her.

Looking at the next application they see it is a Sage class named Wise. Based on her introduction written on the paper Masato decides she would be a pain and tries to throw the paper away only for it to be indestructible. It then transforms into Wise as she had turned herself into that paper to show them her powers. After hearing what Masato said about her she uses a teleport spell and takes him away.

After leaving with him she starts to get revenge for what he did to her. Masato then realizes that since she went through all that trouble turning herself into paper she must really want to join them and tells her he will interview her. Meanwhile Mamako asks Shirase what to do in order to find where Masato went as she gives her some instructions on how to find him.

Wise tells him she is a test player in the game just like he is. When he asks about why his mom had to come with him she tells him because that is the point of the game and how it is a game designed for the purpose of getting mothers and their children closer. He doesn’t believe her though when she tells him as she explains it more. She tells him everyone is sent to the game in pairs and they can’t leave till the win condition is fulfilled which is for the player and their mother to get closer. She was here with her mom as well but got into a fight with her and got separated and so now she is by herself. Her plan was to join their group as a result and have Mamako take her on as her child that way she could escape along with Masato and Mamako when they reach the win condition.

Mamako following Shirase’s instructions is able to learn a new skill that allows her to find Masato wherever he is. As he is talking to Wise and asking her why she can’t just make up with her own mother is when Mamako uses her new skill and finds both of them.

Wise gets locked up after they get back as her actions are declared an act of trying to PK him (banning PKing is dumb in online games as that is part of the fun and danger). Mamako tells her that Masato explained everything to her but she can’t take her on to be her child. Masato points out that instead she wants Wise to come with them so that they can find her mother so Mamako can help get them back together. Wise refuses to do that as Masato convinces her to join them by complimenting her powers instead and she agrees to join the party.

After having a full party they decide to head to a dungeon so they can kill monsters and make money. After Mamako falls into the hole the others fall in along with her. Eventually as they are trapped in the dark Mamako learns another new skill that lets her light up so they can see.

After entering into the dungeon they see a bunch of slimes and get ready to fight them as they cast a sealing spell which stops Wise from being able to use magic (don’t play as a mage class in a game if you aren’t going to get seal blocking accessories first). As a result Mamako fights them instead and levels up after killing all of them as Porter goes to collect the gems they dropped.


More slimes show up and transform into a bigger one before resealing Wise again. Masato runs to grab Mamako as the slime attacks her and we get the main service of the episode now.


After getting hit with the slime Mamako’s clothes start to melt as Masato struggles to try and get up but keeps slipping because of the slime. Meanwhile Wise is still sealed and can’t do anything.

The big important thing here are the lightbeams. Is there something underneath them? The first thought is it might just be a false flag and is really just her hair covering her chest instead. However as we will see in a bit there is a scene uncensored showing her chest covered by hair. So one would have to wonder if that is all they are censoring why leave it alone when it happens later? Marketing trolling or a hint that there is more there than just that? Something to note is that in the manga during this scene the volume version is uncensored and has a redraw of a scene that seems like it shows nudity. There are no uploads of the volume version so only have a really low res one from a blog but here is a comparison between the magazine and volume version.

So is that slime just drawn differently or is the slime transparent and we are seeing nipples through it? Hard to tell without closer better quality but one thing is for certain and that is we had a redraw here while some of the others scenes from that part don’t have one. So was this the artist trying to sneak a nipple shot into it without it being too obvious? Also the volume version of volume 2 only recently came out shortly before the anime so could they be edging closer to nudity as a way of alluding to what the anime will have? Last year when I did posts on lie angle the manga at that point only had partial nipple hints but after the anime aired it started to go further and sure enough the BD for that delivered on the nudity. Could we be seeing a similar thing here in which they are pushing the manga towards being nude slowly in anticipation for the anime to have it? Way too many questions and no real concrete answer but the censorship in this episode and this stuff kind of makes things all the more mysterious. Are we getting a hint that the series will become nude or is this more bullshit lying to sell BDs? Also in case you are wondering about this scene in the manga here is the part when he falls onto her. The manga only had it as one panel while this has made it much longer. Also keep in mind this is the magazine version so if there are changes here like the other part I don’t know.

The fact that they increased the length of the scene is nice though and hopefully means thy will be extending or adding service later on as well.

As Masato is able to roll away off of her she gets attacked some more resulting in the rest of her clothes melting as well. Also here is the ass shot from the manga.

We always seem to get lightbeams during ass shots in shows so not really surprised by that.

Wise is able to attack the giant slime after Porter gives her some healing items to cure her magic seal. As Masato gets ready to fight it as well Mamako decides to finish it off instead to get revenge for what it did to her. After beating it Porter runs up to give her new clothes since her old ones have all melted now.

After the giant slime vanishes it drops a bunch of gems as well as a coffin with Shirase inside (Meant to be a reference to dragon quest I assume since in the games your dead party members would follow you in coffins behind you). Wise uses her revive magic to bring her back to life as she tells them she was eaten by that giant slime and as a reward for saving her and bringing her back to life she will give them a special quest but first wants them to go into town to prepare by getting new equipment.

Heading back to town with all the gems they collected from the dungeon they head towards an equipment shop so they can use that to buy new stuff. Meanwhile Mamako runs around looking at everything they could buy as the episode ends.



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This episode really made this show possibly the best we are going to have this season. Not only have they showed that they will keep the service stuff with this instead of making it into some toned down watch with your mom family show but it also gives us a lot of hope and hype for the BD. Lightbeams of course don’t always mean anything of worth is behind them but some things to take into consideration is that the source content has sometimes hinted at nudity at various points. In particular the manga possibly hinting at nipples during the volume version of this scene which I showed earlier and that only happened recently which means the series might be trying to take the nudity direction now and we will start to see this reflected in the show. Also keep in mind this is J.C Staff and they did give us nipples in both Prison School and Shimoneta so they aren’t afraid to do it.

Nothing is official yet of course and unless we get confirmation in an interview or something like that (like what happened with lie angle last year) it’s still only speculation but the stuff in this episode and the history of J.C. Staff does give at least some reason to be optimistic. The studio has done nudity before and the source material has started to allude to nudity as well in the manga and then to top it off we have an ova announcement for next march also which could maybe be their way of saying expect something great. With all that in mind it gives reason to at least be a little hyped for what we will see. Sure it could all end up being a fake in the end like we have seen other shows pull but at least based on what we have seen now there is that possibility of nudity actually happening and not wishful thinking like it was last week. Even better is that the first BD which contains the first two episodes comes out on September 25th so we won’t have to wait long to see if it delivers.

All in all this does seem like our best service show of the season (not counting the r18 show obviously) and this episode helped it secure that rank. We don’t get milf material often in shows so the idea that we could actually get some nude milf content if we are lucky really makes this show stand out. Even more so when you factor in there are still other mothers to show up later as well. Just knowing all the possibilities this show is going to have and what we saw here hinting at something better and plus still have that unknown ova for next year does get my hyped even though this could lead to disappointment if this all ends up being trolling. But if it doesn’t and this actually delivers we will get something really special.┬áSo we really have the chance to get something here we don’t get often and the show being an enjoyable non serious isekai so far is an added bonus as well. Based on the preview for the next episode it looks like we will be getting a bath scene next week so not only will it be another BD needed episode but that will also give us an even better idea on what we could expect on the nudity front and hopefully more of an idea on if we should trust it to not be trolling.

Please let this show be so successful it starts a milf fad. This would lead to a bunch of new milf hentai, shows, and games. Still hoping we eventually get one of those r18 shows focused on older women one day as well. Side note looks like I ended up picking the best show to cover this season like always. I was going to do hensuki as well but have pretty much dropped it so not going to bother with that. This more than makes up for it though.