Kenja no Mago: Fanservice Review Episode 8

A war is coming so… let’s hit the beach?

We had left our heroes bathing in the onsen training for the incoming war against the Demonoids. And Shin comes up with a new trick to level down mountains and what remains of the landscape.


Well, no worries, it’s not like there was someone living there… probably. But then August (again, the smartass prince) must warp back to the castle and Shin gives him a ride. Here Shin gets acquainted with Ellie and May (respectively August’s bethroded and little sister) and and they somehow force Aug to go on a date with them in the city and then bring them to the camp… (Yeah, why not? Let’s bring normal people to watch us while we glass the landscape, what could ever happen?)

(Gotta say it, Ellie has excellent qualities) (How can a king say ‘no’ to his cute daughter and the bombshell fiancĂ©e of his son, when they only want to visit a place where they could end up dead?) (It seems Ellie was so unfriendly because she was jealous… of Shin! Man, the bromance takes strange paths in this show…)


Back in the mansion, Aug tries to get back at Shin, and starts teasing him. Immediately the whole gang (grandparents included) confirms that Shin is a weirdo, and this somehow triggers Sicily that accidentally lets out some rather interesting things…

(The guy on the left got my same face when I watched this part) (Good job, prince)


Later that night Shin wanders the garden and stumbles on Sicily, one thing lead to another and they manage to both confess (Nice, we had this thing going on for 6 episodes, now let’s move on please. We want boobs, not romance!). Also, basically the whole mansion was eavesdropping on them.

(of course, the butler) (All the others already knew from episode 2 that things where going to go like this. Also I’d like to point out that Maria is strolling around only with a shirt that barely reaches her butt).


Apparently after being engaged our hero that comes up with a training on the seashore, where he makes the others play magic-beach-volley to level-up. Basically they whack each other with a magic-strengthened ball accellerated with offensive magic. They also almost manage to shoot down Ellie and May too (nice try, next time they’ll do it for sure).

(Best girl is defintely Yuri [far left], but the one that picked the swimsuit for Olivia [far right] is a hero and ballads should be sang in his honor) (… I’m not sure how to comment on this image) (Admittedly, Ellie is not the most likeable character, but her swimsuit is great and she fills it nicely)


But you thought this was enough? They basically crammed everything into this episode!

How can a school camp end without a late-night chitchat in the girls’ room? We get that chitchat, about demonoids… or not? They talk about girlfriends, boyfriends and whatever flies that way, and we discover that, beside May, the only ones not getting around are Maria, Lynn (lightning-crazy flat-chest) and Alice (blonde pipsqueak). Things get a bit overexcited and Melinda storms in the room to check the girls like any teacher of your friendly school-themed comedy. And while they could have easily warpgated away, in the confusion all these magicians decide to just hide in the beds. You read it right. Hide in the beds. Anyway, in the commotion, Shin manages to confirm that the engagement with Sicily was a good call. But then they get discovered and things ends up in seiza position, like any school-themed comedy.

(Good job, hero! It’s the first right thing you did in a while!) (Well… after all at the beginning of the episode he said he wanted to level-up… Could anybody blame him?)




WebM Album: Episode 8

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Overall thought: I swear, there are entire shows made up with what they stuffed in this single episode! And a lot of good ideas and situations but all rushed like hell. Be sure to check the WebM Album!