Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou fanservice review episode 3


Changing clothes but not changing scenarios.


I’m starting to think josei titles are not actually created by human beings but are just procedurally generated from a computer. I stopped doing these because they were all the same and only did this one so we had a nude show this season and sure enough this is just another copy paste of previous joseis when it comes to situations. We get nudity but still no sex yet but it’s just the same scenario and situations we have seen with previous titles. Then again maybe that helps when you don’t have subs.


The office Ryou works at has apparently learned having an all you can eat bean burrito day in the cafeteria was not a good idea as everyone evacuates the building from the smell. Ryou sees Soma is one of the firemen that has shown up as she realizes it’s also going to be get raped by a  fireman day too. Meanwhile Megumi decides to show everyone why you don’t see any women firefighters in this show as she shoots Ryou in the face with a fire extinguisher after trying to use it. Soma then takes Ryou to the locker room so she can change.

After Ryou changes her clothes she is told by Soma that he was inspired by EA’s take on lootboxes and tells her he has decided it’s not rape it’s surprise sex mechanics as we get a try to fuck a women while she is changing clothes scene. Just throw a dart at a list of josei scenarios and you can make your own series with no effort. I stopped caring long ago as these just repeat each other.

Megumi enters the locker room to tell Ryou her turn in the office smash brothers tournament is coming up. Ryou tells her to get out so she can finish getting raped unless she wants to become the next bookcase she beats to death. After Megumi leaves they finish up only for Soma to ask Ryou for payment for all those surprise sex micro transactions as she kicks him out and ponders the financial benefits of surprise sex mechanics.

Later all the firemen talk about the dates they have that night while working out at the gym. In preparation for their dates they start putting dildos shaped like water bottles into their mouth since it’s 2019 and you can never be too careful as one of their dates might have a firehose down there.

 It’s a crime that the chances of getting content for the other girls is low. Would rather see the girl on the left instead but I get the feeling everything will be main girl only.

That night Ryou and the other girls from work go to meet their dates as the other girls leave with their men whom probably won’t attempt to rape them and would had resulted in much better scenes. Instead we stay with Ryou as she talks with Soma whom I assume will invite her to a rape hotel instead of a love one as the episode ends.



WebM Album.



I know it probably won’t happen and was one of the only two reasons I decided to cover this show. The first was because we had little content for summer but the second was the fact that we saw multiple girls shown off for the show. The possibility that we could get content with different girls gave me reason to want to cover this even though it was small that would actually happen. Next week is probably going to just be more stuff with Ryou and maybe actual sex finally since it’s a date but who knows. Wouldn’t be surprised if the next episode ends right before it and we have to wait another week after for it to actually happen. We only have 5 episodes left so not a lot of room either to work with.

The other couples are probably going to end up being just background characters like I feared though. The only way I can see us actually getting content from them is if maybe the girls talk about their dates later to each other or the guys do and we see something then. Alternatively I would be fine with the main couple accidentally seeing one of the other couples fucking or something but I’m going to guess that won’t happen since this is a josei after all and that doesn’t seem like something that would fit there. These josei ones are just too generic and bland with the only reason to care being that it’s the only uncensored nudity we get this season. Would be nice if this one did a surprise and gave us some variety on content but not expecting that at this point.

I’m glad I decided I won’t bother with hensuki posts now. After having something boring like this I don’t think I could survive doing that as well which actually bored me more than this. At least this has nudity to fall back on at the very least.