Tejina-senpai: Fanservice Review Episode 9

It’s still summer, so let’s do more summer-y things!


In this episode, Senpai gives another shot at mentalist tricks, trying to get the better of her clubmates. As usual, she doesn’t trigger the intended results.

(And, once again, this is why no one joins your club…)


Then we see how Saki and Senpai got grounded for a make-up test. The former because she’s not really the clever type, the latter ’cause she steadily distracts herself. While they should do the test, Senpai propose a trick-game to Saki, based on mentalism and logic. She manages to screw up even that on her own, and when she finally manages to almost win the game. Unfortunately eacher show up to remind them that they should be studying.

(The face of someone getting their own ass handed to them.) (The guy on the left is, of course, the teacher.)


Finally, we’re in the middle of summer and the Magic Club tirelessly keeps attending school (because Senpai forces them to, obviously). Until Saki, completely fed up with Senpai’s antics starts whining about going to the beach. For whatever reason, Senpai agrees and this leads to the mandatory swimsuit-picking scene. Here Assistant-kun and Ma-kun use their wits to make Senpai wear some outrageous swimgear. All this ends, as always, with mixed results.

(They’ll kill you for this, keep it in mind) (Have I ever mentioned inflatable balloons utterly terrify Senpai?) (Trying another trick that will wind up biting her in the ass…) (You can see that Senpai didn’t really catch what is the “dumb stuff”.) (Yeah, “fill of summer”, as if…) (I’m not sure what she’s thinking, but I’ll put my money on some weird adaptation of Full Metal Jacket.) (Of course he does…) (Dark Ma-kun shows up.) (Not what a brother would like to see, but still fine for me…) (Note: she put it on backward.) (This face literally screams “I solemnly swear I am up to no good”.) (1. Bend over half naked to check the target.) (2. Move your shoes near the next stall.) (3. Call over the target that will enter an empty stall.) (4. Fail hopelessly…) (Show’s over!)



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Overall thoughts: In this episode they decided that “braless with hands on boobs” is the new fad! (And for me and Kumagawa to rejoice. A cookie for who gets the reference.) Shame there’s no areola or nipple slip, but at this point I sure hope for more on the BDs.