Freezing BD Fanservice Review Specials 03-04

Physical exams and a swimsuit race!

First of all, thanks to all who left welcome back messages and to all the people that commented or just enjoyed the last review, unfortunately things got busy here again but it is finally time to continue with the next bunch of specials.

Special 03

Physical tests with a room full of cute girls is always good.

Of course Rana lesbian side had to appear. Funny how she is able to know the measures just with her hands.

Best girl appears! For some reason I couldn’t include her bust size with subs but she is 83cm

Too bad random Pandoras got derpy faces, blonde one design looks good and nice lingerie choice.

Unlike the first special, Satellizer is wearing her glasses here. Not surprised with her being the busty of all of them.

Random girls tits look fairly good here.

Attia doesn’t want to be measured but Chiffon comes in to give our loli fans some nice shots.

Instead of trying to spy they are just trying to hear what happens inside? I guess it has less risks. This ends special 03.



Special 04

Nothing better to start than a great shot from our lovely sensei, nice nipple bumps too, wish she had more love in main series or specials.

This time we have a race competition in the sea

A Beach special without nudity wouldn’t be fun!

Looks like Ganessa started to like removing swimsuits from her fellow Pandoras.

At the end a Nova is the winner of this rugged race, Novas also seem to like the sea!





Again both specials are a mix of fanservice and comedy with some focus in giving nudity to some of the side girls like Chiffon or Attia and even from some random girls. Some yuri moments in both too.





Not all my Webm’s were included in the review, you can find the album links with the rest of them here : 03  04