Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka fanservice review episode 8


Moms fighting a breast dragon.


This episode concludes the Medhi arc and the second volume of the LN. The bad part though is that this episode has possibly the least amount of service so far due to this episode mainly being a battle. Unless you want to count giant dragon breasts of course. Seems like this end of volume episodes are going to be on the low service side much like the episode fighting Wise’s mom.

Starting from the previous episode Medhi has turned into a fantasy world version of a school shooter which instead consists of turning into a dragon out of rage and beginning to attack everyone. Medhimama blames Masato and the others for causing this and gets ready to attack them till Mamako stops her and tells the others to deal with Medhi wile she talks to Medhimama.

Medhimama summons golems to attack Mamako. I assume in order to recreate that scene from Valkyrie Drive only with golems instead of mud men as that is the only acceptable explanation for her to use this spell instead of her one hit kill spell on her that she used on Masato in the previous episode instead. Mamako is able to destroy them by just asking to let her through to talk with Medhimama as they agree and suicide for her. This results in Medhimama questioning how she was able to order her minions to give up as Mamako gives her a speech about asking instead of ordering and how she remembers always worrying about that difference when raising her kid.

The others try to get Medhi to stop as they try to fight her which results in Wise’s mp getting drained by one of her spells making her useless as Porta gives her a bunch of potions to restore it.

Kind of wonder if that is supposed to be her father to the left of Medhimama. It looks like most of the parents are in pairs and she does have a guy next to her.

Mamako continues to give a speech to Medhimama as everyone sees she starts glowing having learned a new skill that lets her use the power of all mothers to let her share her feelings with someone by talking to them. Eventually this causes Medhimama’s staff to crack a bit as she starts to return to normal and realize how important Medhi is to her and runs off to try and stop her.

Medhimama runs in front of the others to try and convince Medhi to stop as well. When that doesn’t work they decide they have no choice but to fight her till she comes to her senses. Wise uses magic to send Medhi in the air so Masato can attack her but just as he is about to hit her Medhimama’s staff floats over to Medhi and starts powering her up and creating a barrier around her.

When none of their attacks work Mamako tries and is able to destroy both the barrier and staff which allows Masato to finish her off. She turns back to normal as Medhimama catches her

Medhimama tells everyone that she wanted to be a good mother and so she forced Medhi to do what she thought would improve her only to realize at one point she was pushing her too hard. When she found out about this game she signed them up for it in hopes she could fix things with her since she was working her too hard. However once she was in the game she started to act and behave in ways toward Medhi that she has no idea why she did. Masato points out that her staff was the cause and that it amplified her desire to make Medhi perfect and for her to be the best mom and that is why she acted that way and it wasn’t her fault. Medhi forgives her and tells her all she wants is to be allowed to do things she wants to do herself in order to be happy and Medhimama agrees to let her.

You stop controlling your daughter and the second she is free to do what she wants she turns into a slut. The show’s subtle parental messaging.

At the graduation party for passing all of their classes Masato asks Medhi and Medhimama if they want to join their party since they need healers and want to stay adventuring with them. Medhimama turns it down saying she plans to log out now and fix stuff in real life such as her parenting blog she runs. But she tells Medhi she can do what she wants and leaves the choice up to her. Medhi agrees to join their group and becomes a party member. When Masato asks if it is okay for Medhi to join without her mom, Shirase tells him that after the Wise and her mom incident she has been able to get exceptions for them and it is allowed. Kind of funny how none of them have ever questioned having Porta around without her mom or even where she is since unlike Wise she has said nothing about her. And they most likely won’t even bring her up in this season which saddens me as she is the best looking mom in the series.

Compared to other gacha a 5 percent is still a better pull rate than say getting a 5 star unit in fire emblem heroes is. Still waiting for nintendo to add miriel in. I need my fire emblem waifu. Glad my phone can’t run pokemon masters or I would go crazy trying to get lorelei. Enough gacha ramblings.

Shirase shows them all the sp they earned during their time at the school. She tells them that they don’t trade the sp in for the items they want which was the whole reason they came to the school in the first place but instead they trade the points in to spin a wheel and that the prizes are given out in gacha style. Eventually Masato and Wise use up all their points and only get common hp and mp boosting items while Porta gets the rare stuffed animal she wanted and Medhi decides to save her sp to increase her stats instead.

As a final prize Shirase gives Masato one last spin as a reward for solving the Medhi and Medhimama problem. After spinning the wheel he wins an apron which can only be equiped by mothers and gives it to Mamako as a present. Sadly she puts it on over her clothes instead of wearing that only.

Later Shirase looks at the broken staff that was influencing Medhimama earlier. She mentions how it is the same thing that happened with Wise’s mom and that someone is trying to destroy the game by giving these items to people in order to encourage fighting between mothers and their children. She then watches as the others leave the school and hopes they will be able to stop whoever it is as the episode ends.



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Pretty much a non service episode sadly. We have at least finished up the school/Medhi story arc to move onto something different at least. We only have 4 episodes left which will probably all be for the 3rd LN. The preview for the next episode shows the new character for volume 3 so we will be getting her next week. No idea if the maid stuff will happen though. One of the preview screens show Porta in her maid costume so we might get the scene with Mamako in her’s next week or the week after. So hopefully we at least get some kind of service next week to make up for this one.

Speaking of which next weekend should be when we possibly find out about the BD if someone in japan says something about the event going on next week. Remember on the 7th is the BD showing of episode 2 and 3 at an event in japan so we may find out around then on if we should expect nudity from the series yet or if they were trolling the whole time. Getting good news from that would easily make up for low service episodes like this one.

This episode didn’t really have a lot to write about. In a way episodes like this are easy to cover because there isn’t a lot of content to make media of. But also there isn’t much to say since it’s mostly fighting and speeches. The downside is no service. Also holy shit I can hear a cricket somewhere as I type this up that is really annoying. I was halfway typing this and then suddenly I hear it making noise somewhere near me ruining my concentration. And it keeps getting louder God damn. I need to kill it before it kills me. If you don’t hear from me I was slain in battle against it.