Grenadier TV Fanservice Review Episode 9:

An ex from the past couldn’t even rival to Rushuna’s boobs!! So yeah~ XD

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another episode of fanservice review for Grenadier!! (^_^) In this episode, Rushuna continued her journey to Tento with her companions under the blizzard. (I guess those pair were really cold resistant too) They found a cabin up head and they took a break there. While Rushuna and Mikkan were bathing, Yajiro reminds of someone else.

As Yajiro was ambushed by someone he knows from the past, Mikkan went out to look for him. Meanwhile, Rushuna was trying out her new outfit. XD Suddenly, the person that Yajiro knows from the past attack the cabin and battles Rushuna.

Rushuna is powerless without showing her boobs. As her new costume loses air, her boobs are highlighted again and she becomes more powerful. However, the battle was halted when the injured Yajiro appeared. It appears that Yajiro’s ex did not died from falling over the cliff as the enlighted evil armor saved her life.

While Yajiro is trying to talk things over to stop the fighting, Rushuna notices the clown who was manipulating all the while up above the air and attack him. The clown’s mask fell out which reveals to be Yajiro’s former leader. XD

After the identity of Yajiro’s former leader was revealed, Yajiro and his ex fells into a cliff again. This time, his ex decided to let go of Yajiro to save him from falling. In the nick of time, he was saved by Rushuna and Mikkan. (It could have been earlier, but it’s basically no turning back for Yajiro’s ex since Rushuna has the bigger boobs XD)

Either way, it’s an ordeal to Yajiro. No matter what happens, they still continued their journey after the blizzard has stopped. That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode of Grenadier. Thanks for reading everyone!! We hope you enjoyed this anime and please stay tuned to it towards the end. (^_^)v