Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou fanservice review episode 8


Sex ending obtained.


Finally at the last episode. And though we finally get the one and only sex scene in the show it’s pretty disappointing overall. Let’s just end this so I can go back to not covering these josei shows again.

After getting trapped in the corner of the burning building in the last episode Soma and the others just walk through it and escape anyway due to temporarily invincibility damage they took after the roof collapsed. Now that the final boss is dead and final dungeon escaped Soma returns home to which he finds Ryou trying to fake an injured leg for the purpose of suing the apartment complex after she slipped on her used bath water she was trying to sell to people online. Soma uses this time to tell confess to her and tell her how he always wished she had a dick for him to suck and uses her foot to show what he would do to her which he learned watching the other firemen do to each other when they got back from the burning building.

Ryou tells him she doesn’t want a gay fireman husbando. She tells him how ever since she first saw the visual for the show with muscular fireman stripping she thought she was in a yaoi and was expecting to get cucked by another gay fireman at every moment. And so he stops sucking her pretend dick and apologizes and tells her he will start acting straight now and actually put his dick in her instead of keeping it outside like he’s done this entire show.

The loop here and in a few other scenes looks dumb because there isn’t even enough frames to make a proper loop. Seriously for some of these scenes there is barely any movement and the whole thing is less than a second of frames. Some of these scenes don’t even have movement at all and are just them looking at each other and not even doing anything so if you see something and wonder why no webm it’s because there is nothing moving during it. Also what you see in some of these webms is the whole thing in question and it is really that short.

I made two simply so I could have the second one cut off before the man ass. That way you have the full scene first while the other is shortened to minimize seeing the guy.

This episode actually was the longest one so far and had a decent amount of extra length in the r18 version and yet it still felt like we didn’t have much here. Skirt had the same issue as well. We had to wait the entire show for just one sex scene and then it becomes a case of “That’s it?”. Doesn’t really feel like it was worth it.

The next day after finishing up both Soma and Ryou go out in search of new victims to kill. Ryou having killed her bookcase at the start and Soma having killed the volleyball a few episodes ago and then the true final boss in the previous episode have decided they can’t live without killing. Ryou was already an experienced killer beforehand but now she has converted Soma into one as well due to all her actions in the show plus they now are kleptomaniacs also having stole that pool water in the previous episode. Soma confesses to her that they are now perfect for each other and can support each other’s criminal behavior.

Ryou agrees and tells him that his constant rape attempts on her throughout the show demonstrated to her that he is the perfect person to support her killer lifestyle as he is just as bad. Then to show the world how evil they truly can be they hold hands in public which is a felony in japan as they head off to find their next target. This takes them to a local bar with their first target being the bartender whom is in reality the brother of the final boss they just killed in the previous episode. So starts Soma and Ryou’s quest to eradicate the bloodline of the volleyball puppet masters in order to save japan from murderous volleyballs while also fulfilling their own desire to kill. And with that the show ends.



WebM Album.



Finally it’s over. I said this before but the only reason I covered this show despite saying I was done with the josei shows after doing 25sai last year was because it was our only uncensored nudity for this season. Plus I wanted to see if after a year maybe they would had improved and also the fact that they showed multiple females and seemed to give them more of a presence than other shows did and that gave me hope we could get content from multiple girls. None of this turned out to happen at all which is disappointing. The nudity in this show wasn’t as plentiful as the previous r18 shows with some episodes having none at all. Meanwhile despite giving a heavy focus on the other two firemen on the show’s visual and showcasing other girls we never got to see anything with them. I suppose that should had been a given considering this is a show aimed at women after all but that still doesn’t mean you can’t show multiple couples other than time limitations but looking at what I can find of the manga nothing with the other girls seems to occur there either.

Imagine if this had been like┬áNande Koko ni Sensei ga with the show’s episodes divided into focusing on each of the three fireman having their own set of episodes. Could had spent a few episodes on Soma and Ryou then a few episodes on the other guy and maybe pair him up with the coworker from Ryou’s work while the third guy is paired up with both of the remaining other two girls. Would had actually been an interesting set up as you would get the main couple then another couple who’s relationship might be different from the main couple and then finally the third guy having threesomes with two girls to give you something fully different from the other two. A shame that all these girl porn shows only care about the main female lead and ignore the others. Kind of the same way how many shows never let any male other than the main guy have any women go after them. Seeing the same people gets boring so really wish more series would show multiple relationships instead not just so the content remains fresh but it also makes things feel more real.

As for how I would rate the show compared to the others I would actually put it near the very bottom. Of all these josei shows I’ve covered this one felt the most for women oriented than any of the others. All of these are made for women by women but at least in all the previous ones we had the main focus be on the girl’s body and you didn’t really get a lot of the guy. But here it felt like many of the scenes had a higher focus on the guy’s body than we got in other shows but that could also be because of how large he is who knows. Overall though this just didn’t feel as visually appealing for any men watching this compared to the other ones. As for the story who knows. I wasn’t going to wait for subs for this since subs for all these r18 shows are always a mixed bag in terms of quality and timelyness and since I was only covering this show so we had nudity there was no point in delaying these posts to wait for subs for a story no one would care about anyway. So might as well just make shit up for it instead. Considering how boring these girl porn shows are my story was probably more interesting than the real one anyway.

If I had to place this somewhere I would put it only slightly above 25sai so it would be Joshi Ochi > Omiai > Araiya (still salty over no mei) > Souryo > Skirt > Yubisaki > 25sai. The only real advantage this had over 25sai is that the artwork was much better and more importantly it didn’t burn the fuck out of my eyes and give you eye cancer like 25sai did with it’s insane brightness. The studio that did this one was also new and even though this show was boring and didn’t give much you can at least tell they have talent. Would be interesting to see if they ever do something aimed at males since their female designs were at least decent. As for what’s next that is up in the air till winter so far. Next season is another generic looking josei and I’m not going to cover that. So we are left waiting till next winter for another chance to get one aimed at males again which I really hope happens soon. Both Joshi Ochi and Araiya seemed to rank well on getchu when they came out so those demonstrated there is a market for male r18 shorts. Plus since they created that separate twitter account for the sole purpose of using it to focus on male r18 shows we know they certainly have plans for more down the line it’s just a question of when.

Since joshi ochi was summer last year and then araiya nearly a year later in spring that same pattern would indicate winter for the next one but who knows if that is what they are aiming for or not. Side note the contest comic festa was having with the prize being one of these adaptions just ended a few days ago. Probably will be a bit till we know who won but hopefully it is something aimed at males that did since all categories were applicable to be entered including the for males category for the competition. The winner also gets published as an actual series as well so who knows if they would wait for a bunch of chapters to be made first before doing an adaption or not but I get the feeling whoever wins it will probably be awhile till we see the end result adaption. Would be nice if more companies started to jump on the r18 shorts bandwagon but that hasn’t happened yet sadly. So in the meantime all we can do is wait for the next r18 show announcement for winter and hope it’s a male aimed one again.

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