A temporary stay of execution has been granted, I think…


It’s a long story, but it looks like the main website will not be taken down just yet.

This all goes back to my original site I had at wordpress.com.  I chose them because I had no idea how to design a website and figured they would be a natural place to start for a beginner.  What I didn’t know is that they had a ban on adult materials.  This being the internet and also the 21st century, I had no idea that a server company would give two shits about that kind of thing.  But they did, and the breakup was not quick or pretty.

A few months later, I moved the site to a shared hosting company.  I chose bluehost because they were the top recommended option by wordpress, and when I read through their terms I found nothing that banned casual adult content.  I thought it was a kind of interesting that bluehost was based out of Utah, but never gave it a second thought.  Well, it turns out it’s actually owned by the Mormon Church and they actually have a clause that says they can self-censor any of their cites for any reason, even for as much as using the word “sex”.  So again, I chose a server company poorly.

In fairness to bluehost, they actually gave me a 48 hour ultimatum which at the very least allowed me to get advanced warning to you guys.  They also afforded me the opportunity to remove offensive content.  Doing so would mean taking down almost the entire site and that by itself would take days of work.

That wasn’t completely feasible, but I did take down the most “offensive” posts I could find and removed all signs of nudity from the front page.

The site was due to be shut down today around noon Pacific time, (20:00 UTC).  I did, however, receive an email from them this morning which suggested that my issue had been “resolved.”  I don’t know for sure if that means I’ve been given a 2nd chance or not, but as you can see the site is still up for the time being.

Now, obviously this is not a tenable long term solution.  Last night I sent a message to a prospective new host company (Hostgator) giving them a rundown of my site and intentions.  If they give me the green light, I’ll be switching server hosts.  Hostgator is generally okay with adult content, but I’m going to make damn sure this time.  If they say no on account of the lolicon content grey area, I’ll continue to look into server options.  For those wondering, lolicon content was NOT cited in either of my previous two TOS disputes.

In the meantime, the existing fapservice.com is still okay for series reviews.  I’m going to once again start having content posted on this main site, though of course we will be much more careful about what we show on the front page for the time being.  I will probably bring back fanservice compilations to the site but not any streaming video or galleries until after the server transfer has completed.

Over the next couple days I will have a post on blogger providing download links for manga compilations and also video links for existing streamed videos.  So basically, for the next week or two you should probably continue to keep checking BOTH blogs, as I’ll be posting on the blogger backup for racier content.  Only until this issue is fixed, of course.

And if somehow I am reading this situation completely wrong and the site gets taken down tomorrow, it’s really not THAT big a deal, as the site will be moving servers soon either way.  But at least now, we have a way of making this transition in a smooth and civilized manner.  And for that, I am thankful to bluehost for their understanding.