Tenpuru Episode 10-11 Fanservice Review

Maid Outfit!

Welcome back to a double-episode review of Tenpuru. This time we are doing episodes 10 and 11 combined because I thought there wasn’t enough ecchi to warrant a whole post on just one of the episodes. With this, next week will be the final episode wrapping up the plot point of fixing the statue and Yuzuki trying to do her priest exam. Both these episodes had minimal amount of ecchi and just tried to follow through with the plot but the few ecchi scenes they did have were good, especially in episode 11 with Yuzuki wearing the maid outfit and then getting a massage. The chapters involved in these episodes were literally all over the place, they took like a few pages from around 8 different chapters and just combined it all into these two episodes which was a bit ridiculous but I think they’re doing it on the basis that if there isn’t a season 2 they have put all the plot that they wanted too into this season.

Episode 10:

Kagura and Akagami are put in a room together to try and get closer.

Classic assault trope.

She doesn’t see the twister mat.


Have to go to neighbours asking for rice.

Episode 11:

They need to pay 500,000 yen to repair the statue’s neck so Yuzuki decides to take up part time jobs in order to pay for it.

They went to get a new phone for Akagami but the lady misunderstands them as a couple.

Concrete brick technique.

Mega album

Overall, a pretty lackluster couple of episodes, I guess since the last 2 episodes were good with ecchi, they toned it down a bit in these to do the chapters that they were missing from those episodes. Even though they combined like a ton of different chapters I still felt as if it flowed pretty well and I understood everything, I’m not sure how they will end the show but I’m assuming they will finish the priest training arc with episode 12. This season didn’t have much ecchi other than this series and Classroom of Heroes but hopefully, next season will have more, but before then we look toward the final episode next week.