Tenpuru Episode 05 Fanservice Review

This week’s Tenpuru episode is tame and has barely any ecchi, but the few parts it does have are good, so it’s worth looking at. The episode’s gist is that Tsukuyo feels a bit down because she doesn’t want to do archery if it means she gets to have fun while Yuzuki has to work and focus on keeping the temple together. It also shows her getting closer to Akemitsu and feeling more comfortable with him, giving good character development to her. The art was good for the episode mostly except for this first image which looks very cheaply drawn considering the scene was pretty drawn out on this frame. And towards the end of the episode, Akemitsu’s proportions are very strange. The chapters for this episode are chapters 21-23 they skipped a shit ton of content maybe because they want to end the season with the whole priest arc. The actual ecchi was improved on from the manga as well so that’s good.

At first, Tsukuyo wants no one to know that they’re living with Akemitsu.

Rumors are going around that Tsukuyo has a boyfriend.

Classic ecchi situation.

They added a fair amount, it might just be the nature of creating an anime but this is the only thing shown in the manga (below).

It would’ve been nice if we could see the shot of her ass though.

Again, a decent amount was added to this scene.

She realizes that Yuzuki was happy to leave the archery club to focus on her goal of saving the temple and that Yuzuki wasn’t great at archery anyways.

This just looks strange, not sure why the proportions are like that.

Cute scene, best girl.

Mega Folder

Overall, this week’s episode was pretty tame in terms of ecchi but it’s not like it was removed from the manga. They decided to rearrange the manga and tell the quick 3 chapter stories they can before the bigger priest training arc story which will have a lot more content. They also removed an entire part after Yuzuki and Akemitsu come back from the love hotel for some reason which I’m not quite sure why they did, but was a good scene so it’s disappointing to see it go (see chapter 13). I think after the next episode there will be a lot more ecchi as there is in the manga, but this anime has a good story and is a fun watch nevertheless.