The Seven Heavenly Virtues anime announced for winter 2018.


Lewd angel time for winter.


Hobby Japan has now announced an anime of the 7 Virtues figure line set to air this winter. Along with the announcement was a PV and visual showing it off. The studio doing the show is Bridge. With the important roles of director being  Shinji Ishihira and chief animation and character designer being Masanori Iizuka.

The story the anime will be following seems to be similar to the story that has been posted on the main site for a while now. On the main site there are some short stories for a few characters listed here. The general plot on the site was that the 7 virtues were seeking out someone to fulfill the role of a savior candidate. If you have ever visited the main virtue site at or even the main sin site at you would see you are presented with a question on what side to join asking if you will be a savior candidate for the virtues or a dark lord worshiper for the sins. The savior candidate plot point seems to be the main element in the story for the 7 virtues and based on the anime description it will be used here as well.

The basic description for the anime’s story that has been given is that the 7 Sins have grown stronger and have started to have their power spread throughout the world. This causes Heaven to send it’s angels that are the Virtues to seek out someone meeting specific requirements that will fulfill the role of a savior candidate (also called messiah in the description as well so I guess they will be interchangeable in the show) in order to stop the 7sins. In short we have the basic premise given to us that the virtues will probably be testing people to find someone who does meet the requirements they need to become this savior candidate which will presumably be someone who can represent all the virtues and what they stand for I would assume.


These are going to be badly translated but here are some google translations of each character’s description to at least give some idea on each’s personality.

Michael – Faith

Leader to rival the devil Lucifer (the archangel). A warm hearted personality to the loyalty to God. Although it has a high potential capability, in reality the ability at the present time has nothing to do, but I feel lost and companion feeling. Egg dishes at a glutton, especially omelets are a favorite favorite and lose a lot.


Uriel – Patience

“Heavenly intelligence agent. Excellent physical ability, user of flame skill. It is a habitual phrase that it is the head of an intelligence worker to be patiently tolerated with a calm personality. Although it is a stoic personality that will endure anything, it is short-hearted just being patient.”


Sariel – Kindness

An angel who always smiles with a gentle smile. It has a role to monitor human beings so that they do not commit sins, but they are too sweet for others, too sweet for themselves, they are very pacey and can not play much role. Although it is the oldest among angels, it is quite natural and can not rely on it.”


Sandalphon – Diligance

Strong self-sacrifice heart in hard worker, is also loved by other angels to work the brave. I am also strongly motivated and I am making innovative products one after another because I want to be a top angel for my sister’s Metatron. However, there are many things that go wrong because of disappointed inadvertently.”


Metatron – Charity

“People angel who can not say disgusting if asked by people. Because my head is not very good, it is easy for me to suffer a loss of loss, so my sister’s sandal phone is always worried. A treatment enthusiast trying to treat unreasonablely as S changes as a person has a syringe.”


Raphael – Temperance

Fashionable and beauty-friendly, diet is a hobby. But I love delicious food so I love calories off food. Especially my close friend and Michael. I am reliable because I am rich in knowledge because of my irresponsible character. A bright girl-like angel with a mood maker.”


Gabriel – Chastity

It self-named the angel ‘s Osaki committee, and we are cracking down on whether angels and humans are living a disturbed life. I do not have persuasive power because I am also high degree of exposure, but it seems that there is no choice because this costume is a uniform. It is full of positive and always unfounded self.”

I get the feeling she is going to be best girl. She may be the virtue of Chastity but that is the look of a semen demon.


Something interesting about the PV is that there wasn’t a whole lot of plot related stuff in it. Is this just because it is the first pv or could it mean the direction they are going to take is completely different compared to 7sins? Also you might be wondering if we are going to get a human character announced soon like 7sins did. I would assume whoever gets the role of savior candidate will probably be that character equivalent so maybe they will be unveiled beforehand or maybe the show will result in them finding no one that fits the requirements.

The remaining part of the PV seems to take a first person perspective with the virtues looking right at the camera and interacting as if they are responding to you the viewer. We see them talking to the camera and even holding a hand sticking out of where you the viewer would be which we can assume is supposed to be your hand. Is this something that will be part of the main show? Or will there be extra weekly specials that air online like what happened with 7sins and that is what these are? Or is this just something created just for the purpose of the pv?

People might wonder how the show will give service if the characters are angels but being an angel doesn’t really mean they can’t be lewd(or at least best game on PC proved they can). I do recommend reading some of those short stories on the main site I linked to earlier with google translate though. Those stories do give you an idea of how service might occur in the show.  Also starting on December 1st a short manga by zunta is supposedly going to be posted each week. Zunta primarily does hentai but is also the artist for the Dragon’s Crown manga adaption as well as the Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid manga adaption. This at least means Hobby Japan is continuing the tradition of having hentai artists do stuff for the series as the 7sins manga they published was done by Ulrich whom also does hentai. Not to mention those bonus booklets included with the 7sins BDs are done by the majority of hentai artists.

I would assume they might give us another pv at maybe comiket next month right before winter season starts to give us more of an idea of the stuff in the show since this pv was only around a minute long. I think the major important thing for people to do is not to create their own expectations on what they want the show to be. I think this is what lead to many people being disappointed in 7sins and that was they created an image in their head on what they expected the show to be and when it didn’t match up they were left disappointed. I suspect most people viewed 7sins before it aired as a fanservice show with a plot rather than a plot based show with fanservice. Doing that would of course lead to disappointment which is why those that did that should try not to make the same mistake again.

Who knows maybe 7virtues will be completely different from 7sins and will take a more service approach than 7sins did with less plot focus. All I can say is learn from 7sins and don’t go in with preconceptions on what you think it might be and you may be able to enjoy the show. That way if it does give the service everyone wants then great but if not then at least you knew better than to set yourself up for disappointment. With all that said I am actually interested in the show. The studio being used this time will obviously not be suffering from the issues the studio doing 7sins had. And a different staff does mean you can’t really judge this show based on your perception of 7sins because we may get something completely different.

Also Hobby Japan has shown at least that they can learn from their mistakes in the past. When Bikini Warriors was non nude during it’s run they ended up giving us that great episode 13 on BD and then even went back later and remade some of the episodes to rerelease later along with some even more service filled new ones. Since then it seems like they really figured out what people wanted from the series and went with it. So that gives hope that they may have come to this same realization for this series and might treat 7virtues much different than what 7sins gave. At the very least we now have one of our first confirmed ecchi shows of 2018 to air in winter. So for winter so far we have 7virtues and that new r18 rated show and if we get lucky maybe dxd 4 will end up being winter as well.

In case you are wondering I will most likely be the one covering the show. This means if you didn’t like luigi being lazy with his 7sins posts with minimal images, no webms, no stitches, and plenty of memes you don’t have to worry about that with 7virtues since I will be presumably doing it.