Fairy Tail Dragon Cry(Movie 2) Fanservice Review

Belly dance and a thicc bunny girl.

Finally after months of waiting, the Blu-ray version of the second Fairy Tail movie came out, although is doesn’t contain any relevant changes it does have an epic Lucy dance scene plus some great Erza( who looks great and thicc on this movie) tits and ass shots.

If you like Fairy Tail as if not i hope you enjoy this review.

 Caps and Stitches:

Lucy Dance scene is better see in movement so don’t forget to check the web section at the bottom of the review!

Erza looks damn great with that bunny suit.

That guy face describes all the scene.

Dat Lucy ass!

This girl is Carla, Wendy’s cat that now can transform into a human mode.

She’s a movie only character i think, anyway great boobs there.

Unfortunately, not that much screen time for Juvia on the film.

I’m surprised that they show Erza full naked although it is only for 2 frames, hot as hell even with blank boobs.






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