Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji fanservice review episode 9



School festivals are for doing lewd things with your teacher.


This episode returns to giving us significant extra time in the r18 version (a minute and 12 seconds this week) and more service compared to last week’s episode.


On the day of the cultural festival Kuga is taking part in his waiter outfit like he promised and getting swarmed by the girls in his class. Eventually Souichirou shows up because he wanted to see Kuga after he heard he was taking part and gets the attention of all the girls away from Kuga.

When the girls see that Souichirou knows Nano they instantly start thinking the two of them are dating and telling them how good they look together. They also come to the conclusion that this would explain why they see Nano with Kuga all the time as they are unaware that in reality the two of them are in a relationship instead. Kuga overhears this and decides to take a break and Nano follows him.

Kuga asks Nano about what the other girls were saying since it got him worried and she tells him that she isn’t dating his brother. She mentions that she only met with him to get some advice which was of course about Kuga and her thoughts last episode but she can’t tell him that.

Kuga talks about how worried he is about her being around his brother since he still considers himself inadequate to his brother. Because of this he is afraid she will eventually fall in love with his brother and abandon him because of how great his brother is. As a result he asks if she can spend as little time as possible with his brother so that this doesn’t happen. In short he knows the threat of NTR and doesn’t want it to happen to him.

Nano tries to ease his concerns by telling him the school has a story that those who go to the school dance that night are destined to always be together and asks him to go with her. Kuga realizes what she means by asking this and tells her how happy he is and agrees to go. Nano then tells him to meet her tonight in their classroom so they can go. Nano also decides that the school dance is where she will finally admit to him that she loves him which she has been holding back till now. Also this next part has some censorship in the standard which fortunately is not the case for the r18 one since this is one giant rabbit..

Kuga is unable to hold back and asks if they can do some things because of how much he always wants to be with her. Nano agrees but only to do a small amount because obviously them being in school would make doing too much difficult. At this point is when the standard version skips the next scenes by giving this instead..

In the r18 version you get the following instead..

At this point the extra scenes end and both the standard and r18 version continue on from here.

Just as they are about ready to have sex the bell rings and they realize they took too long. Since they have to get to class and such they stop and remember to meet up to go to the dance later that night.

One of the girls from earlier runs up to Nano and asks her for help. She tells Nano that she needs help asking someone to go to the dance with her. They don’t let you hear the conversation but obviously the person she wants to go with is Kuga. Later Nano tells Kuga to meet her on the third floor instead of the classroom like they originally planned. This is probably where the other girl is going to be waiting since Nano is probably going to help her since she couldn’t tell her that she and Kuga are together. Kuga doesn’t know what is going on but agrees and tells Nano he will wait for her there tonight and the episode ends.

Also here is the end image that is shown in the standard version after the credits.


Webm Album.


This episode went back to the service and extended scenes after the previous episode had a low amount but that was a given considering the context of the previous episode. This episode also set up which could be considered the final battle of sorts since the dance is supposed to be where Nano is going to confess her feelings to him. With only 3 episodes left that means Nano’s confession is probably what they are saving to be the conclusion to the show. And hopefully a lot of service resulting from it when it finally happens. So we may be in for quite a payoff in service when she finally admits to Kuga that she loves him whenever that occurs within the next 3 episodes.

The other girls in Kuga’s class seemed to be dressed like waiters as well. If I was a student in that class I think I would be pissed that they did not dress up like maids like girls in anime always do during these cultural festival things. Someone should run into the class and yell their classroom restaurant is fake news for lacking maids.