7sins 6th BD special makes Beelzebub not so flat


Breast sucking and breast expansion in a special focused on the flat girl.


The 6th BD has been released and with it is the new 18th special and uncensored versions of the 10th and 11th specials that aired on niconico back when the show was airing. Since the new special is the main one of interest let’s look at that first. The 18th special is titled “I am suffering.” and is Beelzebub focused.

Those are the eyes of someone that has seen some shit. Someone that knows ptsd all to well.

Beelzebub and some of the others are in a hot spring and she notices how flat she is compared to the others leading to her distress. Hence the title of the special being “I am suffering”

Being the representation of gluttony she starts to consume the water to get revenge on  titty monsters as drinking all the water from a hotspring will surly ruin their day.

Asmodeus starts to rub Beelzebub’s chest as a way to help make it bigger for her. Or maybe she decided to read the bible despite being a sin and saw that the bible states rubbing a flat girl’s chest will bring you good luck.

Apparently it works and her chest starts to get bigger.

Mammon then has Beelzebub drink her breast milk which seems to also have the power to increase her size further (so if the guy from the previous special with mammon did that would his dick had gotten larger?)

Belial decides to reveal that she is in reality a Zubat and can use supersonic.

This increases Beelzebub’s chest even more to the point that she could cosplay as Lady J from Valkyrie Drive if she wanted.

They become so big they fall off. Or maybe it was all a trick planned by them from the start to troll a loli and those were fake magic breasts all along and they didn’t actually grow.

Her large breasts then float off. Presumably Mammon quickly seized them so she could sell them online and get rich.



WebM Album.

Now to look at the 10th and 11th special. Nylon66 posted pics of them so you can see what they look like uncensored. I also included pics of the original niconico airing of them so you can see how it was changed.

Special #10


Special #11


Also like the other BDs a booklet was included that nylon66 posted some pics of.



As with the other booklets the majority of the artists contributing are hentai artists and in the case of a Beelzebub booklet as you would expect loli artists are the ones that were generally used.

The two short manga included were done by 40010 1-GO(Shimanto Shisakugata) and Minasuki Popuri. The individual artwork pages in the booklet were done by: Azuma YukiAruteraIchihayaSoineNagayoriMojarinShouji AyumuYapo, and Rokkotsu (couldn’t find anything on this person after checking various art sites).

Beelzebub finally got to have a special dedicated to her but it seemed to take the “go to a japanese restaurant but get a hamburger and fries” approach. In other words despite the fact that it was a special for a loli character it didn’t really seem to utilize giving too much loli service for some reason and was more about breasts. Kind of an odd choice especially when you consider the cover of this BD makes use of her loli appearance and the fact that Hobby Japan used loli artists for the extra booklet so they certainly knew what her main appeal was and who she was designed to cater to.

Being mainly focused on breast expansion for this special could have made more sense if it included a quick scene of the reverse happening to the other characters in order to simultaneously keep with a loli theme that Beelzebub represents. If they wanted to go with a breast expansion story what would have been amusing is if the plot for this special had involved Beelzebub discovering a magic spell that could be used to drain Asmodeus, Belial, and Mammon of their breasts to be absorbed into Beelzebub making her massive. This would then turn the other three flat like Beelzebub and as a result give us service of what they would look like as lolis. Then while Beelzebub is being a smug oppai loli they cast a spell she doesn’t know about to reverse it back to normal how it is supposed to be. Something like that probably would have been the better compromise since I’m guessing people that were fans of Beelzebub probably won’t be as happy about this special like they thought they would be.

Only one more BD left and one more special as well. Here is the stuff included with the next one.


The next special will presumably be focused on Asmodeus. The title of the final special is “I am a devil.” hard to say what kind of special we could get out of that. Would be nice if she stayed true to representing Lust and fucked a bunch of people or made a bunch of people fuck. Alternatively being the sin of Lust I wouldn’t mind her releasing some kind of Aphrodisiac gas or poison that results in all the other sins falling under it’s effects and breaking out into a giant orgy. Would be a nice way to give some final service for all the others at the same time. Also the 12th and last special on niconico was a hotspring one and will be included so we will probably get some changes in that for BD as well. Only one more to go and then the 7virtues get their chance in the spotlight next season.

I think I would have been fine with this special if it had been someone doing lewd things to Beelzebub’s horn. I get the feeling it is sensitive so you could probably stroke and lick it causing her to yelp in pleasure. Then she puffs out her face and says “don’t do that oniichan it makes me feel strange”. The next action would then be to proceed to give her horn a blowjob causing her to go full heart eye pupils as she yells “that’s it you’re asking for it oniichan” right before she tackles you and rapes you.