25-sai no Joshikousei gets a PV


More lewd times in a school.


A PV for the upcoming 25-sai no Joshikousei which airs next season and is next season’s R18 rated show was recently released. Not much to show since it is only 30 seconds but it does give you an idea on the artstyle that will be used. I was able to track down a bunch of preview images of the manga to also post which probably serve as a better preview on what to expect.


Here are some images from the manga itself. There doesn’t seem to be any uploads of the manga itself but fortunately various different sites selling it have samples pics so I collected some from a handful of different sources. You can also look at this post the Akiba Blog did over the summer when they covered the first manga volume which includes some pics I don’t have sample versions of.



In case you don’t know the story the main girl is 25 years old and when her cousin refuses to go to highschool she decides to attend in her place. However she soon finds out that one of her teachers is a guy that she herself went to school with when she was in highschool and as a result he knows right away the truth that she is not who she is posing as.

Some visuals of the character’s as well.


The staff working on this do have hentai experience which makes sense. The director is Hideta Oota whom has directed a bunch of hentai before. The most recent being Ichinen Buri no which was a title released by chippai back in march (the last thing they released so far for some reason). The script is being handled by Shinichiro Sawayama and he did the script for Ichinen as well as a bunch of other hentai. The character designer/chief animation director is Sawako Yamamoto whom also worked on Ichinen as the animation director but was also the animation director for Kowaremono: Risa Plus (which Sawayama did the script for as well) which came out last year and kind of had a similar art style that is being used in this show. So if you thought this might have looked like hentai you saw in the past that is probably why.

The studio doing the show is Lilix a studio that most people probably have never heard of because of how little they appear to have done. Their last work seems to have been that Holy Knight ova which was 5 and a half years ago (If I recall that wasn’t very good from what I remember either). Since this is another first time for a studio doing an R18 show it is hard to know what to expect qualitywise. Kind of surprised Magic Bus wasn’t used since I figured they were going to do a rotation thing since Seven did a show in spring and fall with Magic Bus doing one in summer I would assume they would have got winter as well but guess not. Wonder if this means they will do one next spring after this or if that will go back to Seven with the rotation simply being Seven-randomstudio-Seven-randomstudio etc.

As for show itself it probably is too hard to judge from just a 30 second PV especially since it will be the service parts which won’t be shown in a pv that are most important. Though I will say I don’t really care for the art style that much. Maybe it’s just the style itself but it almost feels lower quality compared to the other 3 R18 shows we have had so far but maybe it is just the art style that makes it look that way and isn’t actually low quality. Can’t really give a true judgement though till seeing the first episode and how they handle the service and animation. From initial first looks though the art and animation don’t really impress me that much but like I said it’s a pv so maybe it will be better in the actual episode itself especially since the pv doesn’t give us a lot of animation to serve as an example.

The studio being pretty much unknown and not having much work under it’s belt does make me think this might be lower budget compared to the others as a result though. But who knows maybe it will come out as a surprise or maybe end up being the worst of the bunch we just have to wait and see. Regardless we at least know it should deliver us some nudity next season since it will have an R18 version online just like the others so this at least guarantees us some nudity next season. I’ll be doing posts on it next season so we’ll know in a month what the show gives us in terms of service and quality.

If this does turn out to be bad then my posts on this show might end up being different in the sense that I might not make the posts as detailed as my others. In other words I would probably just do posts on the service stuff and not go through the whole episode if the show ends up being bad. Normally I wouldn’t do that but the reason why I would this time is because my time is going to be split among two shows. I should also be doing the posts for 7virtues next season so you don’t have to worry about that show getting the same treatment that was unfortunately given to the 7sins posts. Obviously 7virtues is getting my full attention for the season so if this show ends up being bad I don’t want it to interfere with my work on 7virtues so if that occurs I might not spend as much time making this show’s posts as detailed as I made the other 3 R18 shows.