The Seven Heavenly Virtues fanservice review episode 10


Angels fighting over husbandos.


Final episode or at least the final till the BD comes out next month. Not all the girls were featured in this episode like you would expect for the end but we do get nudity again. Also though it is not by much this episode’s runtime was the longest of all of them.


Michael, Gabriel, Sandalphon, and Uriel are getting ready to return to heaven and use this time to tell each other about the candidate they each found and what they did together. And the husbando war begins…

They each take turns yelling “Your husbando is shit” at each other. Not really but that would had made for an amusing episode. Instead they each talk about what makes their’s better.

Eventually the subject comes up on Michael’s candidate since she has yet to tell the others about him like everyone else has done for their’s. This leads to everyone getting curious on what he is like.

Michael eventually tells them about the training they did back in episode one but keeps the fact that he makes omelettes for her a secret till everyone notices the crumbs and asks what else has she been doing and keeping a secret. She admits that her candidate cooks for her and the others ask if he is good at it since they obviously want to compare her candidate to theirs. She admits that he can cook well and that she ate a bunch of them as a result. You might also notice that it almost looks like the scene with Sandalphon and Uriel is cropped which would be odd since there is no reason to but you can see the top part of a nipple on Uriel making you wonder why they would bother if it was going to be cropped. Maybe it will be changed in the BD who knows.

On the subject of food Uriel and Sandalphon talk about getting Metatron some buns to take back home with them. Sandalphon who looks a lot like Papi the more I see her then suggests using the buns to make her chest look bigger.

Truly best angel.

Gabriel gets mad upon hearing this suggestion and attempts to beat Sandalphon’s ass only instead hurting herself in the process.

Michael then tells everyone it is time to return and they all head back up to heaven having completed their mission. I’m assuming they are probably going to report back that they found candidates and then probably either come back to continue training them or come back to find more. Regardless for the time being their mission has been finished and the episode ends.



WebM Album.



Obviously this is not the true final episode since we know that the BD will include 2 more BD exclusive episodes which comes out next month on the 27th. The first of the two bonus episodes is titled “Qualities of the Messiah” which could be anything in terms of content so who knows what to expect from that. The second bonus episode title though is easier to figure out which is “Splash! New Training”. Based on that title we can assume the episode will probably be either a pool episode or maybe a beach one in which some kind of training takes place. Will be interesting to see what HJ does with these episodes since when Bikini Warriors had an extra episode on it’s BD release long ago we saw how that turned out so hopefully they go all out like that with these bonus ones especially since they have 2 to work with.

As for the show itself I had no problems with it because I didn’t create unrealistic expectations on what it would be. I went in expecting a short lighthearted non serious show with some occasional service thrown in and that is what the show gave. It certainly beat 7sins out in making sure each girl had nudity at least once in their respective episode. The service wasn’t extreme and though it would had been nice to get something like what Bikini Warriors has become in terms of fanservice shorts it makes sense that the service was on the simple side considering the premise. Having angels suddenly start acting lewd out of nowhere probably wouldn’t make sense. Who knows maybe if they continue on with the series in some form they will start to slowly get that way. It would make sense since they each just met their candidate and as they start to get closer they may start to have those thoughts.

The character’s also felt more likable than the Sins were and seeing an actual story driven full length anime with them in the future would be nice. The last episode only having four of them is strange but considering the other three don’t really have a candidate the same way the others do probably was the reason. Raphael gave her’s up, Sariel’s power’s activated showing her’s was corrupt, and Metatron probably broke her’s so that may had been the reason for focus on these other four. Also interestingly is that most of the character’s  in this episode had the most screen time compared to the others. Michael obviously had the most being the leader but surprisingly Gabriel is the 2nd most screentime character as she was the only one besides Michael in all 3 of the last episodes. Uriel was 3rd since even though she was only in 2 of the 3 last ones she did have a cameo along with Michael in Sariel’s episode. So those 3 actually did have the most time in the show overall. I’m guessing Sandalphon was used so that there was an even number of large and small chest characters for the episode.

That is another thing this did better than 7sins and that was actually give some evenly distributed service for both small and large characters spread across all the episodes instead of keeping it focused on only a few characters or body types alone. All the large chested characters got nude at some point as well as the smaller ones leaving no one out. Also kind of funny when you consider loli fans got left out mostly in 7sins but here 7virtues ends by giving the small chested characters the last nudity of the show. Overall this show certainly had a lot of ass service though as almost every episode had ass in your face at any chance it got so it’s clear what side of the spectrum the show was catering to with that. Will this continue on for the bonus episodes or will they try something else instead will be fun to see. Can’t really end this the way other final episode posts are ended since we already know there is still more left and this isn’t the end so instead I’ll just end it by saying to be continued till the end of April.

The fact that the last episode decided to focus the only nudity on the small chested girls is the greatest thing the show did for the trolling it provides. Imagine the reactions if those bonus episodes next month give the best service for Gabriel and Sandalphon instead of the others. Though I also would like to imagine a day in which we get a r18 show like this airing on tv with different girls in each episode. One can only hope that becomes real one day. Or better yet Hobby Japan actually deciding to make something r18 rated as that would be even better.