Killing Bites Episode 12 Fanservice Review

Killing Bites, doesn’t it?: Part 12: Chameleon Invasion in 20 Minutes or Less.

Dawn of the Final Day. I’ll remind all of you to watch the Opening and remember how much of it we didn’t get in the show… Study the cage match fight scenes, the scenes with the girls trying to make sexy, the part where they try to imply our scared Initial-D protagonist actually has a relationship with Badger Girl. Just watch it, it’s a lie.

Driven to Tears.



Onto this weeks possible perversions…

Fuck right off, KB

What can I even say to that?

Behold our final episode villains.

Wait, never mind the villains have already been defeated, and the show remembers what an actual panty shot is, WOW. Welp, seems like the game is over.


Ah, and crazy cow tongue gets raped off screen by Lion-O, very classy Killing Bites, very classy…………..




After that sick shit we return to the boring and even less eventful life of Scared Protag back at home alone, you already know where this is going.

See, this is the part of the episode where they try to make you “think” Badger girl is gone… so they flood the scene with flashbacks to try and make you “FEEL” for the relationship between Scared Protag and Badger girl so when she finally returns you are hype.

The main and most glaring problem with doing that here is that they, HAD NO FUCKING RELATIONSHIP. Kindov hard to tug on those heart strings Killing Bites when 1. Those heart strings aren’t there, and 2. You just got to this scene after Rape.  Bravo Fail.



Like fucking clockwork people.

Lol, it’s kindov surreal seeing one of those “Welcome Back” anime moments be so god damn short and completely undeserved. It’s like if Ed and Al got their bodies back at episode 12 after just stumbling across a philosopher’s stone on the side of the road…

OH! which reminds me, that bet people had going 2 weeks ago about whether or not we’d see panties or naked ass when Badger girl returned to her human form… yeah, it’s completely mute now since we never Saw what happened to her after the Chameleons were defeated. Whoopsie-doodle.



Wait wait wait wait wait,  are those embarrassment lines I see on Badger’s face? Noooo, they are not gonna try to pull some, “I liked you all along Baka” bullshit are they? When did they have the time!? Half the season was animals fighting in the woods, the fuck.


ooooooooooh, alright…. points for being different…… I think……………….













Know what…..           perfect ending.



Yeah, more shit happens in the last 3 minutes but fuck it, that image is the perfect representation of this show. I’m sticking with it, there’s no way this shit gets a second season, and even if it does, we won’t be covering it because we now know episode 1’s nip slip was a lie and a cheat. Hope someone enjoyed the ride, actually no, if you enjoyed animal gore the anime… go away.


You better hope DxD4 saves the day or we are in for a world of hurt. I had better see some unique nipples as well Makoto, or heads will roll.


Until next time, I’ll be waiting for good ecchi.