2nd Bikini Warriors OVA gets a PV



New characters and new lewd.



Hobby Japan earlier this morning uploaded a PV for the next Bikini Warriors OVA set to come out on July 27th. The new ova will include 2 new episodes and a remake of the remaining 6 episodes from the series to make them lewder similar to what the first ova did with the other 6 episodes from the original show.



Dark Knight knows who best girl is and wants a taste of best girlness.

Elves do the raping in this world. (and I guess in that world in the hentai released earlier this month as well).


The PV appears to focus on the 2 new episodes so what kind of changes will be done to the other 6 episodes of the show will be a surprise but we can assume it will be in the same vein as how the other 6 were changed when the first ova came out. The story for the 2 new episodes is the following (google and bing translations):

# 1 “in which always unreasonable events haunts the brave.”
A black knight and a necromancer appeared before the braves. “Losing confirmed event” “Medium boss correction”, black knight attacking while repeating mysterious words. In addition, during battle, I started naughty narration. Will the bravess be able to escape! 

# 1 The hero always has an unreasonable event.
Black Knight appeared in front of the brave men and Necromancer. The Black Knight comes in with a barrage of mysterious words such as “losing event” and “Boss correction”. In the midst of the battle, I began an obscene narration.

So based on that description and what they show in the pv I’m guessing it sounds like either Black Knight or Necromancer might end up casting a spell or something since it says Black Knight said mysterious words and something about an obscene narration which sounds like another way of saying casting a lewd spell. Since we see everyone getting lewd in the pv I’m going to guess either the wrong spell is used or maybe it is on purpose and backfires since we do see Black Knight joining in as well. It’s also possible the episode is a parody of those unwinnable boss battles in rpgs based on them calling it a “losing event” so maybe it is one of the main characters that cast the spell instead to try and win the fight and something goes wrong who knows. But it seems like the first new episode might be similar to what episode 13 did with characters being under a spell and acting that way.


# 2 “Bikini of the Dead”
Necromancer who changes favorite things to undead. That innocent magical power was directed to brave people this time! Undead cats called up in large numbers attack the brave. Cats who start licking the strange places. The necromancer ‘s attack is trying to undead the braves to that skill!

# 2 “Bikini of the Dead” Necromancer you turn your favorite thing into an undead. The magical magic was turned to the brave men this time! A large number of called Undead cats pounce on the brave. Cats who start licking the place.The attack of the Necromancer is tried to make brave men undead in the Tumblr! (the fuck bing? I know that is wrong)

We only seem to get a short appearance of this episode in the pv when it shows everyone surrounded by zombie cats. Based on the description it sounds like Necromancer summons some zombie cats to attack the group with the intention of turning them into zombies as well with said attack. The cats start licking the girls according to the description so I’m guessing this is done in an effort to try and turn them into zombies maybe like how getting bit by a zombie does in other media.


Also buying this from different places results in different bonuses. If you buy the LE version from Toranoana you get this tapestry of Necromancer.

Buying the LE from MelonBooks gets this poster of Dark Knight. This is only the rough draft version and not the finished look of it.


If you buy it from Hobby Japan’s shop you have a chance of winning a signed script.


The OVA comes out on July 27th which is only 2 weeks after the Queens Blade Unlimited OVA comes out so Hobby Japan has two releases that month close by. Also there is the BD of 7virtues next month which includes 2 BD exclusive episodes as well so we certainly have a bunch of stuff from HJ for the next few months. What makes this interesting is that it means once July is over which is only halfway through the year there will be nothing left. Other than maybe a second QBU ova it makes you wonder what HJ may be planning for the rest of the year if they didn’t feel the need to space all these things out further from each other.

Even though I would had rather had a bunch of new episodes instead of only 2 and 6 remakes there is a good thing about all the originals being remade now. Since all the episodes from the original have been remade that means if HJ wants to make anymore they will either have to make a season 2 finally or will need to create multiple new episodes for another OVA next time instead of being able to just make 2 and remake some others. We still haven’t gotten an announcement for the figures for Dark Knight and Necromancer yet so those will probably happen sometime down the line as well. Who knows maybe they will do what they did with Cleric and be planning on announcing another episode with one of those figures maybe sometime after the OVA comes out. Bikini Warriors news seems to come out during the summer usually so maybe we will hear what the future plans are be it another stand alone figure episode or another season sometime after this OVA comes out.

I wonder how many people I would piss off if I said I want them to add a self insert male character into the series next much like how 7virtues does it. Imagine a male character joins their party and is a mute character meant to represent you the viewer and gets involved in lewd shenanigans with the girls. An episode in which they get afflicted with another lewd spell and proceed to gang rape the male self insert character would make this the best series ever.