Devilman Crybaby Fanservice Review Episodes 1-2

It seems Netflix has been on a roll lately, and their recent foray into anime production has been no exception.  It would have been very understandable if they had watered down a series as intense as Devilman, but they didn’t hold back at all.


Episode 01



Track and Field seems to be a major theme in this series.  The show takes advantage by providing blatant fanservicey angles from time to time.


Our pre-Devilman protagonist ends up in a pretty wild party, almost like a cross between a strip club and an orgy.  Unfortunately, these ladies are about to turn into grotesque man-eating demons in a moment, but the MC (and audience) get to have a little fun first.


Episode 02



Now that’s how you use a classroom.



Some random voyeur porn.



Here we get some flashbacks to the stripclub/orgy scene with new angles.


A seemingly innocent girl next door ends up becoming a porn starlet.  I’m not even sure what the relevance was to the plot, but really that’s the beauty of Devilman Crybaby.  Much of the fanservice in this series is bizarrely non-sequitur, which allows them to pack in lots of it.

Devilman Crybaby sometimes intends to be sexy, other times it intends to be shocking.  I guess how often it is either one of those things is up to you the audience member.

The art is minimalist, but the animation helps make up for it.  Not for everyone, but I personally liked it.  You don’t have your typical harem setup or a variety of girls (no loli characters, which is a bummer), but for what it is, I think Netflix did a great job here.