Youjitsu (Classroom of the Elite) TV Fanservice Review Episode 5:

There must be a witness for elite oppai!! (^o^)

Thanks to ScissorMeTimbers for making the media~

The story of elite oppai continues….

Unfortunately, Sakura’s camera is not working anymore. She had no choice but that ask Kikyou and the male mc out to get her camera repaired. XD

While at the camera shop, something is amiss with the shopkeeper….

Sakura was asked to filled up her personal information but the male mc helped to fill it up instead of her. Stay tune to the next episode to know more about the creepy shopkeeper. After that, Sakura thanked them for going out with her.

Male mc!! you’re caught for looking at her boobs!! I understand that it’s difficult in maintaining eye contact with elite oppai (>.<) !! Anyway, everyone loves to look at elite oppai. (^^) Afterwards, Kikyou went to the male mc’s room to discuss something about Sakura’s oppai. XD

I know it’s massive, but don’t make it too obvious. I believe the male mc has his ways of covering it. (^_-) Later the next day, it was informed that there will be a trial regarding Sudo Ken’s case. Luckily that they managed to find the witness in time.

During the trial, all parties are there but Suzune looked uneasy with her president brother there.

Again, the male mc was caught looking at oppai again. Meh~ who cares? Keep calm and enjoy the fanservice!!

He then tickles Suzune so that she can stand up and say something about it. Later, the witness of the incident comes in. (^^)

Sakura said that she was there when the incident took place as she was there to take some pictures.

With the witness, the trial was concluded that Sudo Ken’s case was a setup from another class! However, more evidence are required to prove it.

After the trial, the male mc was approached by the student council president which is also Suzune’s brother.

He’s probably jealous of the male mc being surrounded by all the elite oppai!! XD

Well, a class with elite oppai can be good but it’s also dangerous!! Thanks for reading everyone!! Stay tuned for the next episode fanservice review!! (^^)v

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