The Seven Heavenly Virtues fanservice review episode 5


Being taken care of by an angel nurse.


This week(well last week technically now) is Metatron the angel of charity. This episode is also the most service filled one yet.


The main guy for this episode is currently in the hospital and the nurse that has been taking care of him is Metatron whom apparently makes so many mistakes that he has no idea how he should feel about her.

While trying to take care of him she makes the mistakes he is worried about leading to her spilling his food on him. But at least he sort of gets his crotch rubbed as a result from it when she wipes it off so it’s not all that bad.

The next day she continues to nurse him which leads to more problems again since she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She apologizes and randomly suggests washing him with her breasts as a way to make it up to him. When he asks if that is okay and she agrees he accepts.

After she is done cleaning his body he asks if she can wipe him down as well and to do it in a special way since he knows he can take advantage of the situation.

She agrees and does more than he expected and even get’s ass in the face.

We find out the reason he was hospitalized in the first place is because he overworked himself but he is worried about everything that has happened to him because of Metatron. She then comes in and tells him that today is the day he gets a shot but she is worried about it since she was told by one of the other Virtues not for her to touch a needle. This leaves him confused on what she is talking about but she tells him that despite the warning she has to do this anyway.

He begins to panic when Metatron ties him up and starts to act crazy. It is then revealed that she can’t touch any needles because just having one in her hand turns her into a sadist which is why she said she was warned earlier not to touch one.

The guy continues to suffer from her torture until she finishes and returns to normal. She realizes what she had done and has messed things up again which is probably a common thing for her and the episode ends.


WebM Album.



This episode was certainly the best one so far for service. It also gave some breast service for those who want that along with ass service which I think at this point ass service is going to be common place in all the episodes. This episode also felt somewhat different from the others as it didn’t seem focused on the whole candidate plot point like the others were. Though that was probably on purpose since Metatron seems to be the dumb type character so they probably wanted to play it off like she forgot about their mission since she didn’t even mention it.

Hopefully the remaining episodes are just as service filled as this one. If they keep at this pace then the BD exclusive episodes should be interesting to see what they decide to do with them. We are now halfway done with two more girls left and the final 3 episodes which could be anything. Up next should be Gabriel the angel of chastity for the next episode. Now let’s also hope it doesn’t take as long for subs to turn up like it did for this episode since they only just appeared today resulting in me having to wait till now to finish the post which bugs me because I wanted to get it done sooner.

Imagine the things the guy could had convinced Metatron to do for him if this was another r18 rated anime ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) could had told her he is unable to fap and needs her help. Speaking of which I now have to hope subs for the current episode of 25sai turn up tonight so I can get that post done for tomorrow as well. Why are 5 minute shows this season having so many problems with subs while full length ones are not? I really want to get these posts out on the day the episode airs but late and delayed subs have yet to make that possible. Also this episode broke a record I set with omiai last season for most amount of webms for a 5 minute show.