Tansu no Oku no Pantsu-san manga fanservice compilation


The life of a pair of strawberry panties and it’s struggles.



Today is February 27th which is National Strawberry Day so time for some strawberry panties. Published in Magazine Special in 2011 and written and drawn by Natsumin. He has done a few manga before but this seems to be the only particularly ecchi one (though he has did a fire emblem awakening doujin before). As for the story here is the description from mangaupdates:

I am the “strawberry patterned underwear.” My owner is a school girl. Now that she has matured, she does not wear me much anymore… The black laced underwear gets worn often, but I am forgotten. I want my owner to wear me again.

You might wonder how a story about panties would work and the answer is that the panties themselves are shown to the audience as tiny human girls wearing the panties they represent. This makes it that they can talk and interact with each other rather than just being pieces of underwear sitting around. These forms don’t appear to be visible to the human characters in the story whom only see them as a pair of panties so it is only the readers that see them in there personified forms. This means when washed or hung up to dry we see them as the tiny human forms when in reality they are just panties which is for the purpose of adding to the gag (how the panties manage to do some of the things they do when they are just panties probably isn’t meant to be thought about too much either).

The volume containing 15 chapters was released back in 2013 and was the only volume released leaving the story unfinished officially. However it appears that the creator did release a doujin containing a final 16th chapter to conclude the story back at comiket in summer 2013 the year the volume was released to give the story an ending. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like any scans of it have been uploaded other than some small pics on his pixiv so I couldn’t include anything from the final chapter. At the very least those in japan that read this at the time when it was released and wanted an ending were able to get one thanks to that since the creator still found a way to give his story an ending even if he was not able to officially release a second volume to finish it. Certainly something more manga creators should do when they are unable to finish their story due to cancellation.


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Been over a year since I last did a manga comp. I had planned on doing some horror ones in october but didn’t get around to it. Maybe I’ll have some free time in spring since I won’t be doing the r18 show that season so I can use that time to do some comps again. I was able to make time for this one because I wanted to do a comp that was relevant to the current day and most people probably don’t even know strawberry day is an actual thing. So you learned something new thanks to a website about fapping to drawings. Far more educational than school.