25-sai no Joshikousei fanservice review episode 7


Being lewd is more important than grades.


This time the r18 content starts up right at the opening second since it picks up right from the previous episode. If you are watching the standard version though you get this short segment in it’s place.

In the r18 version you get the following instead..

There is no movement here just an annoying camera turn which leads to bizarre looking stitch.

After this is when the r18 content ends and both versions of the episode join up.

After getting dressed Hana gets ready to go back to class when Kanie tells her she did bad on her test the other day. She says it has been a long time since she had to study so she forgot everything in school. In other words this just confirms that all highschools no matter where in the world they are make you learn useless shit that you never need or will remember after school is over. Since the whole reason she is going to school in her cousin’s place is so her cousin doesn’t get thrown out it would defeat the entire purpose if she fails so Kanie tells her to come to his place after school the next day so he can tutor her.

While at his apartment Hana starts worrying that Kanie will do something to her but he knows what she is thinking and tells her he won’t and that she should be more focused on studying than thinking of things like that.

While teaching her Hana notices his glasses and asks if he needs them since she has seen him wear them before as well. He tells her he doesn’t always but they make it easier for him and asks if she likes him looking that way. In other words he needs those glasses to protect him from this show’s brightness. He then mutters something to her about how things are the complete opposite now then when they were in highschool (I’m assuming it means she helped him study back then like he is doing now). Kanie leaves to go take a shower telling her to keep working. Hana wonders what he was talking about earlier about things being the reversed since she can’t remember highschool well enough to know what he was referencing.

The show’s date is now full on all zero’s with a part of the date censored. We saw this in a previous episode earlier in which it would imply it was 96 based on some japanese calendar thing but here we now see it as current year 0 on day 0 of month 0. The show takes place in the twilightzone thus explaining the brightness or everyone is all dead and this is purgatory.

Kanie comes back and checks her work and sees she still can’t get anything right and tells her they will have to keep studying more. Hana says it is getting late and she needs to get home but Kanie tells her to stay at his place so they can maximize the amount of time to study and the episode ends.


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Finally got another sex scene in this episode so we have returned to getting that level of service. The total extra time in the r18 version still was only a minute though. The next episode is already out by this time and there seems to be sex in that one as well so we might be looking at that for maybe every episode at this point since there are only a few left.

This post was late since subs didn’t show up till this morning and though I normally wouldn’t care about subs for this show since I’m bored of it anyway the problem is the subbed version is the only uploaded uncensored version so no choice but to wait for it. So many delays with 5 minute shows last week. This is why I still haven’t gotten the 7virtues post up yet since I need subs to finish it because I do care about subs for that but they have yet to be uploaded.

If things work out correctly then almost this whole week will be posts by me. Have a manga comp for tomorrow and then hopefully either the 7virtues post or next 25sai one on wednesday and then the other for thursday. Would love to be able to take friday as well for this week’s 7virtues episode to make it a full 5 days but considering the track record for sub uploads to show up that probably won’t happen.