Youjitsu (Classroom of the Elite) TV Fanservice Review Episode 3

Elite oppai have interesting ways to pass a test…

Thanks again to ScissorMeTimbers for the media.

The episode starts with everybody in the class passing the test with flying colors. (^_^) Everyone was in a good mood, looks like the study group was effective !!

However, the male mc was questioned by the arrogant girl, Suzune about what he did to turn the tides of the whole class. The story begins in 3 days before the test started.

The male mc was witnessing his classmate, Ken Sudou getting bullied by students from another class. But an elite oppai from another class intervenes to stop them. After that, Suzune approaches Ken to give him the notes she prepared for him, hoping he can pass the exams without getting expelled.

In the meantime, the male mc spends 15,000 points to buy the questions of an old exam papers from an upperclassman three days prior to the exam together with Kikyou. It couldn’t have been done without Kikyou’s sweet talking and her seductive oppai !! (^w^)

Everyone was happy that she shared the questions before the exam day. (^^)

However, the teacher informed the class that Ken will be expelled because he missed the passing threshold by one point!! Everyone in the class tried to appeal for him, but there’s nothing can be done. (T_T)

The smoking hot teacher is smoking!! Hmm, bad example for the students, not sure if it’s bad for the tits too as smoking increases the risk of cancer. XD She was approached by the male mc who was later joined by Suzune.

Together, they spent their points to increase Sudo’s test score by one point so that his expulsion can be rescinded. That night, Kikyou organized a small party to celebrate passing the test at the male mc’s room.

Kikyou left early and forgot her phone. The male mc follows her and discovers her secret personality.

She demands the male mc to keep what he saw as a secret or she will accuse him of raping her by forcing him to touch her boobs and use the finger prints as evidence!!

After the male mc agrees with it, she returns back to her normal personality.

Indeed, a class full of elite oppai is very dangerous!! Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned for the next fanservice review. (^^)v

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