Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi TV Fanservice Review Episode 5:

Going to war without troops is difficult!! XD

Hello everyone!! We’re back to continue the reviews for this Jeanne d’Arc anime again. (^^)/ Sorry that it took me quite awhile to work on this show as I’m having a tough time in real life. Regardless, I will still be finishing the reviews for this anime!!

In order the reclaim Reims and proceed with Charlotte coronation, the French army need to break the siege in Orleans. Since Charlotte doesn’t have enough army to sent for Orleans aid, Richemont was tasked to asked her brother for help.

Only to her disappointment to find that her brother has no intentions to side with the French army nor the English and was womanizing around instead. Wow, is that a foursome? XD

After getting rejected, she went drinking alone. While thinking about the incident earlier, someone drug her and kidnapped her. She woke up finding herself being tied up and surrounded by a group of masked men.

In the nick of time, her brother’s troops arrived to rescue her before she lost her purity. XD Not sure whether she had already lost it earlier on.

The troops that rescued her was led by her brother’s girlfriend (probably). XD She told Richemont that although her brother had no intentions of siding with the French nor the English, he still cared about Richemont. Realizing that she won’t be getting any military support from her brother, she left. Meanwhile in Chinon, La Trémoille returns with an inquisition to conduct a virginity test on Jeanne.

Fearing that the inquisition would be some kind of scheme, Charlotte and Montmorency quickly snubs the inquisition. Aside from that, a heated discussion between Richemont and Charoltte resulted in Richemont decision to resign her role as a knight and departs the castle tearfully.

Upon knowing that Richmont resigned, La Hire also refuses to help out in the battle of Orleans. 

Meanwhile in Burgundy, Philippe wears an ancient cursed helmet and using Montmorency’s “Excilir” she turns into a Dark Ulysses- Ulysses of Noire!!

And that is all for the review of this episode. Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned towards the very end of this anime as more and more interesting characters starts appearing!! (^^)v