Girls Bravo Episode 10 DVD Fanservice Review

Now pleasing viewers of the up-side-down variety.

So with the most tame episodes of season 1 out of the way, its time for more service episodes. I like to think this show set my standard for Hot Spring Episodes because it brings bikini’s, towels, and regular breast shots through the episode. Our episode starts off with Miharu, Koyomi, and Tomoka in the bath.


Well, the first hot spring they arrive to is not up to par. in lieu of many alligators. The group ventures out to find some more resorts, and stops by a river to play.

Creeped out from the massive amount of crows, and a weird mannequin laying outside they travel to a mysterious creepy mansion. Only to find out that it’s property of the Fukuyama Residence. Seeing as they don’t really have a place left to go, Fukuyama takes advantage of the situation. Risa also takes advantage of the situation and keeps Yukinari to herself.

Suddenly! Ghost! This ghost died via falling brought on by a peeping incident. She wants to pass on through Yukinari, as she calls him a pervert. This last part focus’s more on Kirie, because she possesses her in order to get Yukinari to fondle her. She passes on after Kirie and Yukinari’s bodies embrace.

Stitches by ScissorMeTimbers!  


Yea this mannequin. I’d be running for the hills too