Domestic Girlfriend Fanservice Review Episode 02

Not a ton happened this week, though Rui’s bath scene from the manga was adapted.



Overall Thoughts:


Rui gets the most attention this episode, not only for her potential nude scene, but for her character development at school, where we find out that she’s the “keepin’ it real” no-nonsense anti-social type. There’s a good deal of character development for MC-Kun and Hina as well, but seeing as this is a fanservice site, I’ll just leave that to someone else to delve into.  Suffice to say, the story and characters are interesting so far.

And the art/animation continues to look great.

Fanservice wise, this episode only barely touches on the nudity found in the manga, though it is certainly possible, if not likely, that this scene could be expanded on BD.  Here’s a breakdown of some of the differences:


Even if the water were made clear, the manga shot would still be much better.


There’s no equivalent anime visual for this.

I’m guessing this is supposed to be the matching shot.  Lastly…

Hopefully this will be a redraw on BD.


I get that the anime wants to be censored without feeling censored, but it’s hard to imagine that the BD will live up to the manga source material here, even with some redraws.  The vibe is similar to when the same production company did Fuuka, which did have some nudity, but had way way less than the manga it was inspired by.


I guess we should just be happy that this scene wasn’t left out completely, and that we might have two nude scenes in the first two episodes.  It would be nice though if the BDs captured the spirit of the manga, especially later when it gets much more blatantly ecchi.