Grenadier TV Fanservice Review Episode 5:

Does taking a bath caused so much trouble? XD

Hello everyone (^^)/ welcome back to another episode of the Busty Gunslinger anime- Grenadier!! In this episode, the story begins with Rushuna travelling with Yajiro and they encountered some bandits trying to rob some girls along their journey. XD

She sure sweat a lot while fighting with the bandits although it seems like just a blink of an eye. XD As an appreciation, the girls offer Rushuna to the place they work to take a bath which Rushuna gracefully accepts it. Rushuna and Yajiro was surprised to see how magnificent the place was while someone there was also surprised at how magnificent was Rushuna’s oppai. XD

The girl attending Rushuna, Mikan was interested in Rushuna’s gun. She tried to steal it from Rushuna when she was bathing. But Rushuna still manage to stop her from doing it.

Rushuna was soon confronted by the owner of this place- Touka. They were both engaged in a duel as Touka was suspicious that Rushuna was a dangerous person since there’s a bounty on her. Rushuna tried to explain that it was a misunderstanding but her efforts were in vain.

Touka caught an opening on Rushuna. As she was trying to land her finishing blow, she suddenly felt unwell and missed. Rushuna got the upper hand in the end. However, Rushuna goes easy on her since everyone was watching their battle. Rushuna surrender in the end and apologized.

After the duel, Touka find Rushuna is not a dangerous person at all and believe that there was certainly a misunderstanding. Even Mikan and the girls she saved before stood up for Rushuna too. However, the peaceful moment doesn’t last long enough as a servant girl came back running away from some bandits.

The bandits claimed that they came for entertainment but its obviously that they came here for trouble. Mikan was greatly triggered when she saw them as they killed her parents in the past. She wanted to have her revenge immediately.

Touka managed to defeat the bandits that were causing trouble in her place all by herself. However, it wasn’t as simple as that. As the bandits left the place, a giant robot fired a missile at Touka’s place. There was quite some suspense in this episode while the level of fanservice hasn’t been up to the expectations. However, please stay tuned for more fanservice actions in the coming episodes. Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v