Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi TV Fanservice Review Episode 6:

That Dark Ulysses is so DANG!! Never thought that she’ll be so THICC!!

Bonjour everyone!! Let’s carry on with the reviews for the Jeanne d’Arc anime!! In this episode, Jeanne and Montmorency arrived the siege Orleans successfully. In there, they met Alençon, Richemont younger brother and Batard, Charlotte’s illegitimate cousin who are commanding the army there. XD

Alençon initially refuses their help and lead the front lines all by himself. However, he was defeated and was seriously wounded by the Dark Ulysses (Phillip’s transformation) XD She looks so hot after the transformation!! Didn’t expect she transformed into a very voluptuous lady after  wearing that helmet.

Suddenly, Jeanne interfered the battle. Both Jeanne and the Dark Ulysses got engaged in another battle. However, bigger oppai ( . )( . ) doesn’t mean they’re stronger tho. Jeanne still manage to defeat the Dark Ulysses and force her to retreat.

Batard and Alençon was pleased with what Jeanne can do. Thanks to her, the French army managed to reconquers most of the castles and fortresses around Orléans. In the meanwhile, the English army hired a Ulysses Hunter Gladsale, who sides with Philippe to take down Jeanne.

 At that particular night, Jeanne slept together with Montmorency. Montmorency couldn’t sleep as he felt “someting” and Astaroth showed him something hidden in the Philosopher Stone. Oh my, those holy light beams really hurt my eyes. (T_T)

The next day, Jeanne’s supporters quickly get out of control, and even with the girl’s insistence (provoked by the fact that the stone is starting to change her personality even out of her Ulysses form) Alençon has no choice but attack the powerful stronghold of Les Tourelles, located on the other side of the bridge that passes over the Loire and connects Orléans with the southern bank. During the battle, however, Jeanne is tricked by Philippe, who successfully blocks her allowing Glasdale to pierce both their hearts with an arrow made from the Lance of Longinus.

Jeanne’s defeat quickly demoralized the French army. Even Montmorency was stunned after what has happened. However, this is still not the end of it. Stay tuned to find out more!!I don’t know how you all might think about this show, but personally, I find the idea of using the Lance of Longinus pretty amusing. And also, since the producers could have made the Dark Ulysses oppai to become so big, why it doesn’t apply to Jeanne at all?!! It was basically a waste of opportunity to provide more fanservice!! Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone!! We hope that you’re still sticking with the anime too!! (^^)v