Youjitsu scan collection

More like Classroom of the tits!

Hello and welcome to yet another Fapservice update! I’m your host Kranesh reporting once again to deliver your much needed ecchi fix of the day, this time we’re gonna talk about probably one of the best anime of Summer season 2017 in terms of fanservice and actual plot, the one and only Classroom of the Elite!

Also known as Youkoso jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e in japanese, this anime focus in a group of studens trying to survive in a ruthless school where being number 1 means everything, not only features an interesting story with a wide cast of characters, but this anime is also known for having some of the sexiest girls of Summer 2017 anime season, the majority of which are big breasted!

However this article is not about a review of the show itself, first we’re gonna showcase some of the best scans the anime has to offer, if you wanted some fine eyecandy to start your day then hang on because this train has no breaks!


First we start with Suzune Horikita, one of the MC’s of the anime and the female student with the most balanced body, nothing too big yet nothing too simple.


Let’s raise the heat a little bit with another female MC, Kikyou Kushida is one of the students that boast some of the largest tits of the school, seeing here like this makes me melt instantly.


Airi Sakura is one of my favorite girls too, she loves to take these kinds of pics for her fandom in the series, despite being extremely shy and adorable… who knew she was gonna be a massive sex bomb.


Honami Ichinose is a walking sex as well, she’s also a member of the “big tits” group and one of my favorites as well, she really needs more screentime considering she’s a secondary character.


These four girls are part of the reasons of why this anime is good, now go and give a chance if you haven’t seen it yet, still not interested? Don’t worry, these next images will convince you.














We still have some material for Youjitsu around here, so keep an eye open for future articles! I hope you guys enjoyed this selection of scans just as much as I did, stay tunned for more here at Fapservice.