Centaur’s Worries Fanservice Review episode 12

Centaur’s Worries teases some potential in the final episode.

Episode twelve pays off the fanservicey fantasy themed story arc that was teased in the series OP.  It is based off a chapter found in volume eight of the manga tankobon.


Maybe it’s not as obvious from the screencaps, but watching this episode, the scene directly above sort of felt cropped.  Like something was subtly off about how the shot was framed.  It’s way too tight of a shot, and the pixels felt just a little stretched, but it might just be my imagination. Probably.


And now the loli has lost her top too.  They’d probably have to make the slime at least a little less opaque.  I guess we’ll see what they do in 5-6 months.


Some potential here, I suppose.


Yeah.  That’s not suspicious or anything.

This whole setup feels very “Bikini Warriors” doesn’t it?

While I can’t totally guarantee nipple sightings here on BD, it is worth noting that there was one visible nipple in the manga version, albeit just barely (see below).  So it’s not like they’d be betraying the manga source to add them.


Anyway, the service continues:


Ah, the stuffed bra meme.    It’s a little hard to tell from static screen shots, but her top starts to fall down and drops far enough that they could sneak in a few frames of areola here if they wanted to on BD.  This particular scene did not show nipples in the manga, so I wouldn’t expect anything with this last shot, but who knows.  Sometimes anime take liberties.

Overall, this series missed more opportunities for nudity than I would have liked, but I guess any nudity for a non-erotic anime has to be considered a win, and given what we’ve seen from a little filtering in episode 8, nipples are all but official on BD.

Given the lukewarm reviews and general lack of enthusiasm for blase slice of life anime, I would expect pretty weak sales for this series, and would be surprised by a second season.  That said, if this isn’t the last animation for Centaur’s Worries, that would be great as there’s plenty of boner worthy material left in the manga to cover.  It’s probably one in a million that this show will be a financial a success, but personally, I’m rooting for more.