New Game!! Fanservice Review Episodes 10-12

Sure were a lot of lewd acts in the final…

… Hand holding galore in episode 12 today! Moreover, New Game season 2 comes to an end with this post. It’s been quite the up and down season to say the least. Plot wise we end on the new bloods taking over for the old. It’s a bit of a teary ending, but it’s good to see the characters grow from this. On the other hand service wise we’re kinda left dry. Kou, gives one last pantsu shot before flying off. Other than that it’s been a pleasure to present New Game here, enjoy!


Episode 10:

Cutest couple and their children.


Episode 11:

Yeah, you tell her, Nene!

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Episode 12:





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Overall, I’d rate this season NotenoughHufumi/10. Honestly the story seemed to focus way to much on certain characters and the drama they brought with them. They pretty much cut Hufumi out of the season half way too… Well, it was good to see Hufumi move up in her job and as an individual. Hopefully, if there’s a third season she fills Kou’s spot within the series. Anyhow, that’s it for New Game!! here at Fapservice.