It’s so…GOOD: Manyuu Hikenchou OVAs ReDUX

Considering we are fast approaching the 6th Anniversary of Manyuu Hikenchou’s OVA awakening, I figured I’d celebrate it in my own way along with the Oppai faithful, with a bit of an updated review for those Legendary Oppai Specials first released on October 4th, 2011.

I wanted to do this last year but I was a Freshman and had no fucking time. Besides the date, I consider this to be part ecchi public service, because while browsing Sadpanda recently and saw a comment along the lines of, “Wow, Manyuu looks crazy, I really need to watch it!”…

It baffles me how there are STILL some who don’t know about it, but maybe that’s on account of the series being just about the only Hoods show to not be licensed and released stateside. Boob sucking the anime, Licensed. Spit swapping the anime, Licensed. Blazblue and Driftors, all Licensed… why no Manyuu for fuck’s sake, it’s part of the Hoods/Kaneko trifecta and every bit as Bakunyuu as Seikon no Qwaser…

Well I have two theories, both being unfortunately plausible especially number one in this day and age.

  1. The plot being “Breasts legitimately = a Woman’s worth”. I can’t imagine that being overlooked in this feminazi sperg culture we live in now. Talk about ecchi in general all you want, but if Keijo triggered people, I can’t even imagine the foe-outrage Manyuu could bring. Maybe it’s as simple as that.
  2. Sales, a more logical option for businesses. I don’t have any official figures on me, but a big crutch that I think effected ALL shows in the first half of 2011 was the Fukushima Earthquake/Nuclear disaster. People, businesses, livelihoods, pop-culture and much more were effected in some way by that disaster… and Manyuu had the misfortune of airing a mere 4 months after. I don’t care how perverted you are, your house being destroyed or your money going to relief efforts is undoubtedly gonna kill off your smut budget pretty fucking quick.


For whatever reason, Manyuu has yet to be licensed in all its glory over here and that’s a crying shame, yet another reason for making this review. Maybe an overly perverted licensing rep will see this and do something about it, stranger things have happened I guess.

To truly understand the majesty of Manyuu Hikenchou you have to put yourself back in 2011, you have to understand the experience that was watching the show live. Manyuu is very much a show that needs to be experienced as a whole in order to get a feel for just how mind-blowing the specials were for the time. You need to watch ALL the episodes first, just as I did back in the day.

Following the conclusion of the anime back in September of 2011, I was feeling very depressed. Not just because Manyuu Hikenchou ended, but because of exactly HOW it ended…

The final episode, while providing a “read the manga” conclusion to the series… ended on a bitter note. Mainly due to the fact that everything after episode 6 was basically breast REDUCTION and not breast EXPANSION. This goes into my above point, to TRULY get a feel for how amazing the Specials were, you have to experience the same pain we felt week to week watching both the visuals and Chifusa’s tits take a hit.

It was very hard seeing Chifusa’s magnificent tits get cut down almost every episode until they were a mere shell of their former glory.

That’s where the OVAs come in…

After perusing Manyuu’s website (I love I made an unexpected discovery… Manyuu was coming back, and its website previews – Stunning. The website is no longer active so I can’t find the specific images, but put yourself in the mindset of “they fucked the show up, it’s over, incoming boring/lame/tame specials, it’s over, I am betrayed, flaccid cock, blueballs etc.”… then being 100% wrong. The Specials cranked everything up to 11 and I was utterly unprepared for them, I was unprepared for just how busty they would make Chifusa and how good she would look. One of my favorite things about the visuals is that despite Chifusa’s massive breasts, her nipples remain perky and still point towards the heavens from whence they came… They are a gift from God.

It’s like going from SD to HD isn’t it?

To quote a previous post,

“I would completely believe someone if they told me that half of this show’s entire budget was allotted right from the beginning solely for work on the OVAs.”

That statement is the easiest I can give to convince someone of the OVA’s quality. The beautiful art, the fluid animation daringly paired with bakunyuu tits, and that now famous brand of Kaneko breast design featuring realistic “flop/smack” sound effects for boob bouncing, thicc nipples, and perfect aesthetics… THAT is the masterful Oppai gifted to us in the Manyuu OVAs.

Keep in mind this was also the first time we really got to see Hoods show its stuff in terms of animated BD extras. Seikon no Qwaser is arguably the greatest ecchi series of all time, but when it came to its extras we got “picture diaries” rather than OVAs, basically audio clips with some fantastic art on display but no moving characters. Manyuu’s BD extras included one picture diary and one OVA per volume.

Chifusa is back, and she’s at her biggest cup size yet. In fact, from the look of these specials, she appears to be even bustier than she was at “Oppai Maximum” (between episodes 6 and 7 of the series). Director Hiraku Kaneko gets free reign to experiment with Chifusa’s figure, and that combined with Hoods’ incredible art has led to some of the most intense and unique scenes of breast play EVER animated on screen! And to have it be done with such detail just shows how truly “once in a lifetime” this show was for us Oppai fans. Chifusa isn’t the only one who gets some service thankfully, but you Kagefusa faithful out there already know that…


vl-20 Manyuu Chifusa~Tits are life, ass is home town.

Before hitting the heart of this thing, I think we all need to offer some thanks, Thank you Hoods, Thank you Kaneko.

Each special will mean something different to the person watching it, and everyone will pick different favorites based on their fetishes and tastes. I will be ranking the 8 specials from my least favorite… to the one I consider to be the best of the entire set.

Remember this first time viewers, watch all 12 episodes before unveiling the Specials, put yourself in the mindset that we were in 6 years ago experiencing this for the first time. Then you just might be able to understand the gravity of this little series for Bakunyuu fans everywhere, and why this show NEEDS to be god damn licensed already.



#8: Picture Diary 1

First on the list is the first picture diary we ever got to see. It covers Kaede’s attempts to measure her lover’s bust size at night. Hilarious dialogue ensues, with its crisp and pleasing art being a teaser of specials to come. Kaede’s dialogue is the ultimate win in this one. If these specials were being judged on cuteness alone this one would probably win because Chifusa is absolutely adorable when sleeping, her face being enough to calm even the most hateful rage. She gets a cute little nipple erection too which is always welcome, thanks Kaneko for that little fetish.


#7: Picture Diary 3

A day in the life of Chifusa, fantastic art on display here, and more lesbianic trips from Kaede’s dialogue. Special shout outs to the wheat field sword fight and glorious breast expansion scene. Anyone familiar with Seikon’s Picture Diaries beforehand knew just how incredible Hoods could be when given time to draw, and these stills of Chifusa are just gorgeous. You know something is top tier smut when it can double as great ecchi AND a beautiful desktop wallpaper.

Love the symbolism of the peak, such a great picture of Chifusa flaunting what she’s got. It represents Hoods’ Art, Kaneko’s Vision, and why we love Japanese Ecchi all in one timeless image…



#6: Picture Diary 2

Chifusa and her perfect tits get chosen by Kaede to be the mold for a new line of fake breasts to help the unfortunate women of Japan, perversion ensues. Some fantastic Oppai folder additions come in the form of Chifusa covered in white goo, as well as some cuts to Ouka, Oiso, and Kagefusa. Kagefusa’s nipple shot in this is the very embodiment of why Hoods’ Art with Kaneko’s breast design is the ultimate in Oppai ecchi. Oiso in particular is beautiful in this, showcasing for all her own personal paizuri technique used to calm Octopi.

^^ nipple perfection, brought to you by Hoods ^^


This face man, this face…    beautiful

All the specials have good visuals, but the picture diaries especially look like fucking erotic pieces of ART. Clean, aesthetic, vibrant, and complete.



#5: Picture Diary 4

Hilarious homoerotic commentary from Kaede, Chifusa butt naked, and CHIFUSA’S ASS. It honestly gets quite difficult to put into words just how god damn amazing these specials are the closer I get to number 1. Seriously, it just becomes a game of pointing out the obvious to people, your own eyes and ears can judge the incredible quality. Chifusa’s expressions in this special are absolutely adorable, and we get to watch her go through an entire bath routine. Full mammaries and an Ass which is the very Definition of THICC Perfection are the highlights of this picture diary. Chifusa even performs Chichi-Togi on herself.


#4: OVA 2 

It goes without saying that you get more out of movement than stagnant images, as such the top 4 of this list go to the Legendary OVAs. OVA 2 is an absolute beast in every sense of the word with incredible breast play and Chifusa’s VA getting plenty of time to shine. Kaede gets jealous of Chifusa’s tits and attempts to suck out her boob talent like Space Jam, that is the basic premise. Short and sweet, Hoods’ art, Kaneko tits, what more must be said? Apart from maybe 1 scene in OVA 3, this special contains by far the largest pair of juggs in the series, and one of the largest in all of oppai ecchi. Even I almost thought they were too big for a second… just for a second

Fun Fact: Chifusa’s name is 1 dakuten away from being Chibusa, meaning “Udders” in Japanese…  she certainly lives up to her namesake in this special, Chifusa’s so large you have to do a double-take the first time you see her…


#3: OVA 4

Although Ouka has gotten her tits back, Chifusa remains the undisputed breast queen of this OVA. Chifusa gets her nipples sucked to oblivion by Kaede and Kagefusa in a quasi-reflection of episode 1. A Very erotic special with Chifusa getting dominated until she breaks out that oh so perfect line, “I’ll go crazy!” Contained within is an Epic immoral orgasm moment combined with a boob bouncing scene that became instant gif material back in 2012… that’s right, this was the last Manyuu anything to grace our dicks – the final BD volume released 7 months before Kaneko would blow us away with his Toranoana exclusive Haha Musume Donburi hentai. Manyuu Hikenchou went out with a bang.


#2: OVA 1

The special that started it all back in 2011. It’s not #1 so obviously I have a bigger favorite, but this one comes so Very god damn close. Chifusa returns in all her busty glory, returns with a few cup sizes and a special that DEFINES the meaning of the word “Worth”. For true Bakunyuu fans, perhaps no series has a more Worthy set of BD extras to buy in existance. This is fetish pandering to an almost shameful level, but the thing is, if your a fan of this fetish it’s arguably the greatest ecchi you will Ever see along with Seikon no Qwaser, Kagaku na Yatsura, and Kaneko’s Hentai.

After seeing the censored previews for this special on Manyuu’s website I had to hold my hands because they were shaking from so much Hype, I simply couldn’t believe how well-endowed they made Chifusa. Her tits are absolutely massive in this special, completely ENGORGED, whatever descriptors you want to use… Chifusa might as well be an animated fertility Goddess at this point. Animation-wise this special is flat out tied with my #1 pick for best fluidity, at points it even manages to surpass it. It simply looks fantastic, God Bless Hoods man. Chifusa gets a Very thorough breast massage from Kaede in a hotspring, and orgasms ensue. Chifusa is an absolute joy in this special, and Kaede takes full advantage of her enlarged ta-tas.

Remember, before this came out episode 12 was the >LAST< time we saw Chifusa before the specials, her tits having been cut down and shrunk Multiple times since her Oppai Maximum in episode 6. Below is an example of the differences between episode 12 and OVA 4.

This special was a physical manifestation of FUCK THAT to the end of the series, Kaneko was having none of that shit. Not only is Chifusa brought back to Oppai Maximum levels, she is flat-out made BIGGER! THIS is how you Reward fans who stuck with a show to the end and bought the BDs. A truly Worthy special, all of them are, but this one started it and had the biggest initial impact. Within a couple frames Chifusa’s giant tits are shoved right in your face, quick and to the point, not as pointy as Chifusa’s nips however as those babies……


…..can cut through Diamonds.



Number #1: OVA 3


If anyone wonders what the crucible event for me was, the thing that cemented Manyuu Hikenchou’s status and made all other ecchi series seem sub-par to me after watching it… it was This OVA right here. OVA 3, the special in which our favorite sadistic busty goddess Kagefusa, once robbed of her breasts, was returned to her former glory and MORE in this short but OH SO god damn sweet tribute to ALL that is gigantic titties and Bakunyuu fandom. I was euphoric after learning that it was Kagefusa who was chosen to be the scion of Kaneko’s ultimate vision, crafted to be the ultimate Goddess of Tits.

It’s incredibly easy to describe why this OVA is utter genius and Bakunyuu perfection, your eyes and ears do all the work for me… what is harder to describe is just how truly special this OVA was for us Kagefusa fans. Imagine being one of her fans, seeing her prove her Genetic Superiority in episode 1, only to have it stripped away at the end. You have to put yourself in our mindset, there was NO FUCKING WAY she was ever going to be used for anything again. The series was about huge fat tits, Chifusa was the star and Kaede would always be there to grope her in the specials, this was clear… then, OVA 3 came out and blew my fucking balls off.

I didn’t believe what I was seeing… Kagefusa not only Returned to us in her True Form with tits even FULLER than her sister’s, but within 4 seconds of the special starting we got to see her letting it All Hang Out with the camera panning up her entire naked body ending with a breast bounce so audible you just Knew this special was going to be in your favorites folder forever.

In true Kagefusa fashion she basically bullies Ouka into performing Chichi-Togi on her tits, and then it happens… we waited all series for it to come and it never did, but you didn’t honestly think Lord Kaneko would let the fans down would you? At the end, Kagefusa’s engorged juggs provide us with Manyuu’s long-awaited lactation scene, checking another box in our Bakunyuu fetish books as they erupt.

Remember, people thought there was NO CHANCE of seeing something like this back in 2011, for Kagefusa to not only be spot-lighted in a special, but for her giant tits to be given lactation as well!? Christ almighty, a simple gif of her from the special has gotten me the highest number of upvotes for anything I’ve posted on gelbooru to date…


Even the character choices are brilliant in this special, what a fantastic decision to have Ouka and Kagefusa go at it. Ouka is shy, brooding, and reserved while Kagefusa is brash, loud, and sexually energetic. They are polar opposites, i.e. the perfect choices for perversion together.

Just look at their nipple sizes alone, the sheer power difference between Ouka and Kagefusa is staggering.


What we see in Manyuu OVA 3 is FANservice, a decision so pleasing, but ultimately unnecessary that it had to have come from the mind of one of us – a fellow pervert or group of perverts…

Imagine how unlikely something like this was… for Japan to exist as it does allowing Bakunyuu ecchi, for the Manyuu manga to exist, for it to get an anime adaptation, for Hoods to be the studio involved, for Kaneko to get the job Directing it…. unbelievable

Kaneko and Hoods are entities BORN out of perversion, and with Kagefusa’s redemption I solidified a thought in my head that first arose from Seikon no Qwaser, Kaneko and Hoods are OUR MOTHERFUCKING DUDES. Just like Senran fans or Akio fans, these bastards seem to completely “understand”. If your a Bakunyuu fan or a just plain Oppai Ecchi fan who has yet to watch Manyuu, what the hell are you waiting for? Go grab that shit, go grab Seikon too and all the rest. Maybe one day Manyuu can finally reach our shores and receive a proper translation, but until then, I remain steadfast in my belief that Manyuu’s are the greatest Oppai specials ever made.


Happy 6th Anniversary to the Oppai faithful.

Never forget to fight for the ecchi you like. I thought Keijo was a let down but even I didn’t think it deserved to be canceled… Maybe if more people supported the official releases, that wouldn’t have been a problem. Never doubt what an expanded audience can do, no one is saying things should cater to the West as anime’s uniqueness is why we got into it in the first place, but what we support IS indeed support. Ever hear of an old anime called The Big O? Well, it got a whole second season thanks to its popularity over here. Even hentai like Boku to Misaki-sensei have been aided by foreign sales, enough to spur a response from Akio himself.

Over 6 years later, if you watch it on blu-ray the specials Still look incredible, I don’t know how else to describe them. It just always puts a smile on my face to see that crisp Oppai.



Why be a Queen? When you can be a Goddess.






Manyuu is also one of the few ecchi which motivates me to draw every time I see it.




and Imagine my shock when both Seikon AND Manyuu were featured by something not obscure on Youtube. MILLIONS of views and the show can’t even get fucking licensed by Media Blasters…