Yuushibu fanservice compilation

Yuushibu is in my opinion the most under-rated ecchi anime of 2013.  It had a novel concept, good production values,  a solid soundtrack, likable characters, and a fun vibe.  And when it came time to deliver fanservice, Yuushibu didn’t hold back, either.


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Series Information


Production Company:  asread

Vintage:  Fall 2013


Nipple sightings from other asread produced anime:


Mirai Nikki, Shuffle!, Ga-Rei-Zero (w/ AIC)


Other notable / recently relevant (non-nude) mainstream anime from asread:


Kiddy Girl-and, Lagrange – The Flower of Rin-ne 2, Minami-Ke, The Place Promised in our Early Days (co-production)



Notable Seiyuu:


Azusa Tadokoro as Fino Bloodstone


Azusa Tadokoro is also known for her roles as:



Thoughts on the anime


Yuushibu  was produced by asread, a mostly respected anime company that only churns out one or two anime titles a year.  Studio asread may lack for volume, but their titles are often noteworthy.

I respect asread because unlike many anime fans, they do not feel that nude content sabotages what would otherwise be a good anime.  They added gratuitous service and nudity to Mirai Nikki  without undermining the serious tone and emotional storytelling, which is even more impressive considering that many of the nude scenes they featured were non-nude in the manga, or not present at all.

They also produced the surprisingly great Shuffle! , an emotionally powerful harem story which is arguably the best actual anime you will ever see in the nude-ecchi sub-genre, barring entries with minimal nudity such as Evangelion , Code Geass , School Days , Berserk , etc.

Ga-Rei-Zero  wasn’t ecchi but it also featured nudity and was a quality anime.

Yuushibu  is the first anime by asread to feature nudity and NOT have a gut-wrenching story, rather opting for a mostly fun slice of life service vehicle using a clever blend of modern day and fantasy elements.

Though the service in Yuushibu  was brilliant in its re-draw perversion and didn’t lack for juicy closeups, I honestly believe this anime could have functioned just fine without any service at all.

The characters may have looked a bit similar, but their personalities were distinct and fun.  Raul Chaser, mildly dorky hairdo aside, is the anti-thesis of the weak and worthless male lead.  Nova is the warm and submissive type, Airi is the warrior girl, and of course you have the mischievous and carefree Fino who sports one of the best evil laughs of all time.

Though there is a lot of quality nosebleed material, the story of the main TV series never steers exclusively to feature service.  Actual plot and comedy are top priority, and during the final four episodes service and nudity disappears almost completely as the anime sets its focus on a semi-emotional conclusion.  (The creators wisely produced a throw-away spinoff ova which upped the service content substantially.)

It seems the days of recruiting tons of seiyuu stars to ecchi series may be coming to an end, as many of the recent ecchi shows we’ve seen have instead opted for fresh faces.  This is no more evident in Yuushibu , with most of the cast having fewer than five total roles combined in their young careers.  Despite this lack of experience, each cast member fits their character very well.

This is especially the case for Azusa Tadokoro in somewhat of a breakout role as Fino.  Her body of work is still very small, though it’s interesting to see that she’s already been in two other nude-ecchi series since playing Fino… she even played Kotori in Gokukoku no Brynhildr .

Unfortunately, the relative quality of this series was lost on many: Yuushibu  only managed a 1,485 BD sales per volume average.   Contrary to popular belief, very few nude-ecchi anime sell well.  Yuushibu is proof that just being a good ecchi-genre anime is not enough.  You must break into the mainstream consciousness like High School DxD , or at the least you must shamelessly appeal to Otaku sensibilities.  Yuushibu  was a quality ecchi series, but it managed neither of those objectives.

Granted, Yuushibu  didn’t need a second season, one season feels just right.  But it would have been cool to see asread rewarded for a quality production effort.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


This video has the same structure as the Maken-Ki! Two  volumes I’ve been releasing.  It starts off by showing compare and contract shots of the nude scenes before and after they were redrawn or uncensored, and is followed by “All Fanservice” and “All Nudity” sections.  Previous installments had used a “non-nude” section instead of “All Fanservice,” so I made sure to make the appropriate changes for the final video.

Some minor nudity can only be found in the “All Fanservice” section, due to the relative lack of appeal for those scenes.

As usual, the video includes chapters for quick navigation.


Favorite Character


Fino without a doubt.  The rest of the characters were pretty nice as well.  Definitely a good collection of pretty girls, it’s too bad most of them had to wait for the OVA to show off.