Ziggurat manga fanservice compilation


It’s time to share some work by one of my absolute favorite ecchi/hentai mangaka:  MISS BLACK.


Ziggurat manga  (1 volume, ongoing)



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Ziggurat isn’t hentai, but it’s so loaded with fanservice and nudity that it almost feels like one.  Nearly 1 in 4 images from the first volume make the cut.

MISS BLACK also did the art for the Mnemosyne manga adaptation, though tragically it is impossible to track down online.  He/she is best known for hentai work, but has occasionally wandered into non-hentai territory.

You might have noticed that each episode of FREEZING Vibration on ATX (and also blu-ray) ended with a special artist rendition by 12 different artists (after the credits).  The last of the 12 images was a super-zoomed in, cropped image credited to MISS BLACK.  Why the zoom in?  I can only guess, but MISS BLACK likes it dirty, and I wonder if his/her image rendition was deemed too much for TV.

The art level in his/her works is on a very high level, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if MISS BLACK was actually a team of artists.  Unlike the animation business, where the best looking hentai would be below average quality for a TV anime series, hentai manga for some reason attracts many of the best artists in the country.  The detail in all of MISS BLACK’s works, whether manga or hentai, is eye catching and difficult to not be impressed by.

MISS BLACK’s hentai efforts have not shied from being explicit in nature.  They show everything and they show it well.  Ziggurat is a non-hentai ecchi manga, but you can see the same personality trait in play.  MISS BLACK pushes the envelope as far as I’ve ever seen it in regards to lower body nudity, with genital areas often only half covered up.  The catwoman styled “story” seems strained to fit the agenda of an unquenchable thirst for eroticism.  Though when it looks this good, that’s totally fine with me.