FREEZING Vibration (TV) fanservice compilation

Here’s the nudity sorted compilation video of FREEZING Vibration’s TV run.  It displays the contrast between MX’s censored version and ATX’s uncensored version.  A “no nonsense” version is also available from the links below, which is the same video but removes the MX censored teasing.


Download Links


Torrent.  This is the ATX vs MX version.  Seeders needed!

DDL (ATX vs MX):  part1, part2


Maybe it’s just me, but I actually found the denial/gratification of the MX vs. ATX video to be very appealing.  But for those who are slightly less pervy or hate having breaks in the action, I included a standard version that lacks the MX censored clips.

The uncensored portions of episodes 1 and 2 switched out the ATX source for the first FREEZING Vibration blu-ray HD versions, and this video also includes the edited down version of the first BD special.  You could definitely think of this video as being similar to the Sekatsuyo and DxD New releases that were done per volume, just with the entire rest of the series tacked on in this case.

Though the quality for 10/12 of the episodes are obviously below the usual blu-ray quality I work with here, I thought this video turned out pretty nice.  In terms of fanservice, it’s not as far behind season one as I originally thought, and when all the specials are out, it could actually surpass the first season.  That first special was incredible and has me fired up for volume two.