Devilman Lady manga fanservice compilation


Devilman Lady comes from the highly influential long time mangaka Go Nagai, author of many notable old school manga including Mazinger Z, Cutie Honey, and Devilman.  Go Nagai was a bit of a pioneer in ecchi and hentai-hybrid manga, his works almost always contain nudity and/or R-rated adult themes.


Devilman Lady manga (2 volumes, ongoing)



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Devilman Lady is one of Go Nagai’s relatively recent works, beginning in the late 1990s.  It began when Go Nagai pondered how his Devilman manga might have gone with a female lead.  Thus, in a moment of dirty old man genius, he created a retelling of his Devilman manga, this time with a naked demon form woman running around doing all the killing instead.

I love seeing naked action sequences in ecchi, so I was pretty intrigued by this particular set up.  There’s only one little problem: Devilman Lady is hideous in her demon form, and her demon form represents the majority of the nudity in the manga.

But hideous or not, boobs are boobs, so I decided to separate the devil form nude pics and put them in their own subfolder.  You can see them if you download the full gallery from the “download all” link above.