Gokutsuma Keiji manga fanservice compilation

Goku Tsuma Keiji Vol.1 (1)

I don’t know much about this obscure manga, other than it seems to be Yakuza related and it features a weird looking chick with a HUGE rack.  Gokutsuma Keiji  also showed a decent amount of bush.  If only anime would go there more than once in a blue moon.

The girl is not a looker, but her facial expressions throughout this manga cracked me up.  Somehow her defective features have a strange way of making her hot, but maybe that’s just me.


Gokutsuma Keiji (3 volumes, complete)





I actually couldn’t find volumes two and three of this manga anywhere, so I ended up ordering volumes two and three from CDJapan’s online reader.  I had to screenshot the pages, but I have the original raw versions of volumes two and three here if anyone wants them.

As far as I know, this site is currently the only place you can see volumes two and three without ordering them.  If anyone knows anybody that hosts manga, they are free to use the versions I linked above.