Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry – Fanservice Review Episodes 10-12

Last three episodes of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry had not nearly enough fanservice but i can’t complain because how good and refreshing these episodes were… These last episodes reminded me why i started watching anime… I read the manga and LN of Rakudai but wasn’t expecting  such a good presentation… I am almost tempted to join “Oonuma Shin should direct everything” Club,This was a great adaptation…

Last episodes(Especially 11) simply blew my mind, it was the same feeling when i first watched “Sin City”,”Kill Bill”,”Katanagatari”,”Steins Gate”,”Bakemonogatari”… This director(Oonuma Shin) really knows what he is doing, his directing made this whole experience completely unforgettable, the atmosphere sucked me in and i couldn’t think about anything else… You can also feel the SHAFT air in these episodes if you watched any of their anime…


This episode is dedicated to our kawaii imouto Shizuku and her fight with Student Council President Toudou Touka… Bath scene in this episode was the best Shizuku fanservice so far and her fight with Touka was one of the best fight scenes of 2015… Choreography, animation, techniques, music all added up to create this beautiful match…

We also got some Stella boob fondle which is not bad at all…


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This was impossible stitch because of fog, so make do with some high level paint job……Purrint082 NSe2jag


Damn… Thank you playful loli sensei… Thousands of men around the world are grateful and envious right now…

Purrint099 Purrint095 Purrint096 Purrint097 Purrint093 Purrint098 Purrint100 hpA1PLe

Also we learned in this episode that she was in fact a tsundere…Purrint101 Purrint102Purrint140 Purrint141 Purrint142

And the Shizuku x Touka fight… Shizuku did her best, she got her friendship boost from Stella, but she still lost… Touka’s Raikiri and Reverse Sight overcame all Shizuku’s techniques…mv6G5zX 9gjCvq9 Purrint089 Purrint090 qzRtudc IcFo7Ja Purrint091 Purrint103wMPYH1A

I still do not trust this guy… He is obviously making moves on Shizuku or i’m just overthinking…Purrint106 Purrint104 Purrint105


Episode starts with a cute kiss but Kurogane family photograph that moment and use it as an excuse to confine and interrogate Ikki for ~2 weeks… Directing of this episode makes those 2 weeks of Ikki’s life,the ups and downs in his mentality unforgettable for viewers as well…

Ikki gradually losing his hope,getting mentally and physically weaker,questioning his way of life,finding some hope from seeing Stella’s hair and confronting his father just to find out he never had a chance to be accepted by his father even if he becomes #1 in the worl which completely breaks him… All of these feelings represented perfectly with the different colors,scene/angle changes,facial expressions and music… This episode must be thought as a lesson to all the animators…

Blue->Yellow->Red->Colorless depending on Ikki’s mentality and feelings whole atmosphere changes all the time… While watching i thought:

Blue as Hope

Yellow as Despair

Red as hatred/anger/passion/any strong feelings?

No color as emptiness


We also learned another reason why Ikki didnt fuck Stella at episode 9… Just imagine what would happen if he did it there…If just a kiss creates such a big crisis, i don’t even want to know what would they do in that  case…

Purrint106 Purrint107 Purrint108 Purrint117Purrint117 Purrint159 Purrint123 Purrint119 Purrint158 Purrint137 Purrint121 Purrint122 Purrint138 Purrint140 Purrint139 Purrint125 Purrint126 Purrint127 Purrint131 Purrint132 Purrint129 Purrint130 Purrint135 Purrint134 Purrint133 Purrint136Purrint118 Purrint120

First half of the episode had much lighthearted atmosphere though, some fun time with the student council,some great ass and panty shots from Touka…Purrint109 e5AH1Wb mCDuCdn

Nice underwear,nice pantyshot and even a slight cameltoe…

Purrint111 Purrint112 Purrint113 Purrint110 Purrint114 4GQ5Z4X

Found the fact that Ikki was cooking while Stella played with children quite funny…Purrint115


Ikki is abused as much as possible, he is mentally broken and he is offered to be released only if he beats Touka,the strongest person in the school… Again,Ikki’s inner struggle,questioning the reason he fights for and realizing his true reason presented in a completely refreshing way even though the concept itself is overused…

Then Ikki beats Touko with a concentrated Ittou Shura(Ittou Rasetsu)… After the victory he proposes marriage to Stella in front of everyone in the arena and perhaps whole world watching the live broadcast… Stella accepts and they become engaged,best way to end a season…

Purrint143 Purrint144 Purrint145 Purrint146 Purrint147 Purrint148 Purrint149

Purrint150 Purrint151 Purrint152 Purrint160 Purrint153 Purrint154 Purrint163 Purrint164[Leopard-Raws] Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry - 12 END (ATX 1280x720 x264 AAC)_stitch

Right into the Kokoro… My kokoro self-exploded after watching this scene…Purrint165Purrint167Purrint155 Purrint166 Purrint168 Purrint169 Purrint170 Purrint171 Purrint174 Purrint172 Purrint173


ZD4atJC T2QrolK 1cQlkY1



Ikki x Stella duo is probably the best Main characters you can hope in an anime… Shizuku,Alice and others also had their moments…


Nothing special,you probably saw this same setting over and over… But nothing bad to ruin the experience…


Character art,little details,fight scenes,camera usage and everything looked beautiful…There was not derpy frames either…


Chances of this getting any more nudity in BDs almost %0 but almost every episode had fanservice,service scenes weren’t accidental but occured because of mutual love and perfectly placed zoom in-zoom outs made everything look much sexier…Especially episode 9 was the best directed fanservice scene i have seen in a while… Too bad there was no nudity:

Btw First Doujins started to appear… And not all of them NTR…o_O


My final score is 9/10… I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this show… Great mixture of plot with PLOT,great romance progress that you won’t even see in most of the romance anime and classy fanservice… Just like what One Punch Man did with action/superhero genres and Oregairu did with rom/com setting Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry also used an overused concept and created something different,something refreshing,something memorable with it… Thanks for giving us this anime Silver Link,Oonuma Shin and Misora Riku… Great anime,Great finale… LN Volume 9 apparently got a huge sales boost so i still have hope for a second season…Though it might be because of what happened in this particular scene from Volume 9:

original (1)

“Ikki, you can do everything to me that you want…”

These words acted like a trigger.
He no longer hesitated. He would no longer turn back.
Under the moonlight,
two silhouettes melted together.
Their hot bodies overlapped.
Where did his body end, and where did hers begin?
That was no longer distinguishable as they tightly embraced each other.
Their voices no longer carried any meaning, their lips were desperately seeking the beloved partner.
In the midst of it, Ikki… vowed to himself.

I’ll make this girl happy.

And that she would never regret having chosen him.